You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat...

Better late than never!
Shark Week reaches its conclusion tomorrow I believe, so I figured it was about time to create some nail art to commemorate this awesome week. Sadly I do not have cable right now, so I had to miss this year. I normally have the TV on the whole week to watch as much as possible, but I'm sure I can find videos online to make up a bit for missing this year's shark filled festivities.

I've always loved sharks, I love pretty much anything involving water, but sharks have been a major interest. Shocking it took me this long to make some nail art involving the finned predator, but I knew I would have to free-hand the shark, and my free-hand skills are not that great, so I just figured it would end up looking like a grey blob. Luckily it does have the appearance of a shark, so I will call it a success!


I used my new shark printed shorts as inspiration for my nail art. You may have noticed that the sharks on the fabric have sharp toothed mouths that my shark greatly lacks. I could not get the mouth to look right, it just made my shark look like a dorky cartoon character who needs braces, so I scrapped it. I like to think my shark just wasn't hungry right then, and didn't feel the need to show his terror inducing teeth...

For the majority of my nails I started with a base of Milani White. To create the waves on my index and middle fingers I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! and BundleMonster plate BM-419. The Sally Hansen shade stamps very light, so I took a thin striping brush and filled it in to make the blue color bolder.
For my pinkie and thumb, I made a glitter gradient using Sally Hansen's new Insta-Ombre in Cobalt Coat. It is a total gimmick, you can do the same exact glitter gradient with any glitter polish, but the color is very cute. So much so I had to take a macro shot of it:

To make my shark, I started with a base of Blue Me Away!, then I took a striping brush to apply Milani White as the belly, and Revlon Leather Skinnies as the back. I used Leather skinnies because it does dry to a matte, leather-like finish, so I figured it would give a nice appearance of shark skin. I used the same brush and Milani Black Swift to add details like gill lines and his eye -"Black eyes, like a doll's eye"...- then finished off with a dotting tool and Leather Skinnies to make the nostrils.

I applied my Out the Door fast drying top coat to all of my nails except the shark, as I wanted to keep the leather finish of the Revlon shade.

While I have seen way better sharks on Instagram and on other blogs, the fact that mine even sort of resembles a shark is a win in my book! Happy Shark Week!

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.


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