Skoshbox Unboxing July 2015

Two unboxings in a row!? It's just unboxing mania on this blog... But not really...
I could, and probably should, have planned to space the posts out so as not to maybe bore anyone reading, but that requires actual planning. So, let's talk about some candy from Skoshbox!

This month's box was really good, everything was super cute and I only disliked one snack out of them all.
I read though in a Skoshbox newsletter recently that August's box is supposed to be awesome, and includes some special collaboration, so I am even more excited for that box to arrive.

Tirol Variety Chocolate: 
Variety chocolate squares.
Very like our little Valentine's variety chocolates here in the states, but way better. I haven't tried all of them yet, but I did try the pancake ones, and they blew my mind! They tasted exactly like pancakes, and even had a maple syrup filling, which may sound unpleasant, but it was so delicious.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Biscuits:
Strawberry cream dipped biscuit sticks.
I am a total sucker for Hello Kitty and Japanese strawberry flavored treats, so this was a match made in heaven. I don't know what they do differently in Japan, but I've said it many a time, their strawberry flavored candy is way better than ours!

DIY Animal Lollipop Kit:
Strawberry and lemon flavored soft candy.
I love Poppin' Cookin', so the second I saw this little lollipop making kit I was way too excited to make it. I honestly can't even tell you if it tastes good or not, as I loved how they turned out so much they are tucked away in my freezer to preserve them... weird, yes, but they were too cute to eat!

Squishy Paw Gummy:
Apple yogurt paw shaped gummies.
This was the one snack I did not like. I love the packaging, and the cute little paw shaped pieces, but I just hate the texture of gummies, so I was just not a fan.

Bisco Premium Butter Biscuits:
With cultured butter and creamy filling.
Japanese snacks and candy are amazing at tasting precisely like the food they are replicating, if that makes any sense. Case in point, these crackers tasted like you bit into a stick of butter, minus the odd shame that comes with eating a whole stick of butter. Unless that's your thing, in which case, do you. But, if you don't want to fall down the rabbit hole of eating whole sticks of butter, these biscuits are a great alternative.

Pakila Choco Sticks:
Crispy choco sticks.
These sticks were super crumbly, and just delicious. How they survived this long in my kitchen just shows my bad memory. Though after this post is up I think they will be no more.

S'Corn Triple Cheese:
Triple cheese corn puff snacks.
My favorite snack of the whole box. It looks just like crunchy Cheetos, but way better. As a Cheetos fan I never thought I would say that, but if you've had Cheetos you know they have the most artificial, can't-believe-they-can-call-this-cheese taste ever. This snack tastes like if you replaced it with actual cheese! I said when I first tried it, it's like they mashed the Cheetos puff with Sargento. I am not ashamed to say this bag lasted barely two days before I ate it all.

 Japanese Calligraphy Brush.
And finally, the accessory item from this month's box. I do not know how to make Japanese Calligraphy, and sadly lack the time to learn, but this pen writes beautifully. I keep it in my purse to use to write my very serious and important grocery and to-do lists.

Thanks for reading! To check out June's Skoshbox click here.


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