Marshall's & Old Navy Clothing Haul

You would think, now that I am a Florida resident, I would have a wardrobe to reflect it. However, if you look into my closet the majority of my clothing gives the impression of someone still living in the chillier northern climate; sweaters, scarves, cardigans, etc. Not very practical in the 100 degree Florida weather!
I have warm weather clothing obviously, otherwise I would have died of heat stroke by now, but I definitely need to pick up some more pieces. I recently stopped by Old Navy and Marshall's, they were both having really nice sales that I could not pass up, so today I thought I would share what I bought.

First up is Marshall's. This cropped t-shirt was a random find, but I have some high waisted shorts that I thought would look nice with it. I didn't think going into the store that I would find, and really like, a shirt with a sparkly tiger on it, but it's really cute and comfortable. I love the rolled up sleeves.

My favorite find of the day was this cute striped dress for only $15! It looks super cute dressed down, and the stripes are very flattering.

And of course, because I can never shop without buying at least one nail polish, I found this shimmery O.P.I shade called Just Shocking! for only $4.

Next at Old Navy I bought this very light weight hooded sleeveless tee. It is a workout tee, made for the purpose of this thing called exercise... Seeing as my only forms of exercise are shopping, going to the movies, or the occasional Pilates when I'm feeling guilty for being a couch potato, this seems like a moronic purchase, but it's super comfortable and looks cute with just jeans and sneakers. I do plan on trying to be more active, so maybe this will get used for its intended purpose as well!

Another top that is very comfortable is Old Navy's new Boyfriend tank top. I bought this nice charcoal grey one. In the same vein as the boyfriend jean, or sweater, it is over sized and very soft. I will warn that if you dislike your bra showing on the sides, I would suggest either a flesh colored bra, or not to buy this top, because it is unavoidable. I don't really care, I love this tank, I've been wearing it with my light colored skinny jeans and layering silver necklaces, and it is a nice simple outfit.

And lastly, Raven and Xavier felt the need to assist in photographing my new slip-on sneakers! As you can tell, they are also big fans. Weirdly, I have not owned a pair of sneakers in a long time, the closest I have are oxfords. For some reason I am just not that big a fan of sneakers, I prefer oxfords, ballet flats, or boots, but I plan on going to theme parks a lot and boots and walking around for eight hours do not mix. I found these on sale at Old Navy for only $10, and I love the floral print.
(Please ignore the ornament hook on the floor, no clue where the hell that came from! Haha.)

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