June 2015 Favorites

It's that time, that time again, time yet again for my monthly favorites! (You should imagine a lame sing-songy cadence when reading that last sentence, because I have had way too much coffee today!)

I really love BlackMilk clothing. I discovered their website a while ago, and just loved the quirky skater dresses and leggings. What I did not love was the $60.00 price tag for one pair of leggings! Too rich for my blood, and for my bank account. However, I discovered similar clothing items from Amazon for a quarter of the price. While I do have to wait quite a bit for shipping on most of them, the cheap prices for these cute pieces are totally worth it.

I have what feels like twenty awesome leggings and dresses in my cart currently, but my first purchases were this super cute Beauty & The Beast stained glass skater dress, -That I cannot wait to wear to Disney.- and an awesome shark covered pair of shorts that seemed more than fitting for living in Florida. I especially love the scalloped edges of the shorts, I think it looks like a shark thought they were just delicious!

My beauty favorite is actually a hair favorite, but it works under this category. I do not have a picture, but I took my first ever "selfie" on my Instagram to show it off if you want to take a look. (Link on the right.)
I have been wanting to color my hair pink for a very long time, but being a broke student, and then working for my last job, which had strict policies on appearance, made me have to put it off. But my newer, and awesome job does not have any rules on the color of my hair, so I thought it was about time to do it!
I now have pink hair with green bangs and streaks, and I love it so much. I call it my Batman Villain hair, and I have never felt more like Harley Quinn.

I'm going later this week to get it touched up, and may be able to get an even brighter shade of pink, so I am very excited.

My nail polish favorite this month is an older purchase, but I've been digging wearing pink quite more now to go with the pink hair. This is a super bright neon pink by Pixi called Fluoro Flamingo, and the picture does not do it justice, it is such a vibrant shade. I plan on posting some full swatches this week, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

Even though we have been living in our house for a year now, we are still slowly decorating it. We just are not in a rush, I would rather put a house together of things I love, than rush just to stuff it with eye-catching things I honestly could care less about. I recently was shopping around Marshall's and I found these adorable tissue paper puffs from Kate Spade for only $7.00! I love Kate Spade, and I have been trying to find something to fill the space between the TV and cabinet, so this was the perfect find. The little kit did not come with the string to hang it, but some gold ribbon from Michael's did the trick. (I also found that pretty Eiffel towel wood panel at Michael's super cheap.)

A random favorite this month was also from a craft store. As you can probably tell from my Beauty & the Beast dress, I love Disney, and fairytale/fantasy things in general, so when I found these adorable little charms for only a dollar apiece I was inspired to make some cheap little unique jewelry. I just bought some earring hooks, and used some old chokers and chains for the necklaces.
My favorite of the bunch has to be the Drink Me bottles, as Alice in Wonderland has to be one of my favorite Disney movies.

My favorite games this month. I know these are old and I am quite behind the times! But I don't have much time with work to play as much as I want, so I've been playing some oldies but goodies when I can. Skyrim has been my main obsession this month, I've had to take a break as I was spending my entire days off playing it, but I love this game.

My final and furry favorite! Even though my house is already a zoo enough, I could not resist these little grey fluffy faces. From left to right, meet Albus Dumbledore & Gandalf, the newest members of my little brood. They are the sweetest little things, and while I know not everyone is a fan of mice, I've always had them since I was a wee child, and I am so happy to have these adorable little guys.
I actually adopted Albus first, but since mice are very social, I got worried he would be a bit lonely, so I adopted Gandalf a couple days ago. They are the best of friends now, it is so cute.

Thanks for reading! To check out my favorite things for the month of May click here.


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