July 2015 Favorites

I apparently felt like my OCD-like alphabetized Helmer of nail polish wasn't enough, and decided to swatch all 300+ nail polishes I own onto swatch sticks! I finally finished that fun task today, and while it looks awesome, I'm glad it's done! So let me wash my brain of it by talking about my favorite things for July. (And by talking about it more, as the swatch sticks are on this list... I can't escape it!)


I think I've had this in a past favorites post, but this is my second bottle of Nails Inc. NailKale, and it has become a staple in my nail care routine. I use it before applying any nail polish, along with my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, and my nails are a lot stronger for it. I recently had my nails the longest I've ever had them thanks to this base coat, but sadly a quick slip when opening a closet door put an end to it! I snapped one of my nails, -The horror! Not even the NailKale could save it.- so I had to trim them all down after that. I just hate the look of nails that are not all uniform in length, so I'm starting from scratch. Too bad, so sad...

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I've spent three days swatching all my polishes onto these clear swatch sticks. It may seem mildly insane, but my thought process was that if I do this I can see all of the shades at once, to make it easier when I need a certain shade for nail art.  While it was super tedious, I love the results! I bought the sticks on Amazon, they offer 50 counts for around $2 - $8 depending on shipping.


Lehnsherr was my assistant when taking the picture of my favorite beauty product. I think we had a difference of opinion on who the star of the photo should be, but we were both happy with the results.

I recently ran out of my e.l.f concealer and felt like trying something new. I saw this Maybelline makeup in a YouTube video, and liked the built in sponge top. I bought the palest shade sold for my ghostly skin, and it has very nice coverage. I don't use the sponge top for blending however, as it has way too much product on it for that, I just use my beauty blender. But the sponge does make applying the makeup nice and easy.
If you are trying it for the first time, do know it takes quite a few turns for the makeup to go through the sponge, so don't think, like I did, that you bought a dud. I almost gave up before the product finally made its appearance.


My fashion favorites this month are actually both from HotTopic. Which I haven't been an avid shopper at since my Goth teen days. But a few months ago I bought a few things there and was given a coupon for $15 off a purchase of $30 or more. It finally became valid this month, so I went to their website and bought this dress and necklace.

The dress is called a starter Pokemon skater dress, which started quite the nerd war with my brother and I, as Pikachu is not a starter. But my conclusion it that he sort of is, if you are thinking of Pokemon Yellow, given he was with Ash from pretty much the start of the game.
But regardless of that naming hiccup, the dress is really cute and comfortable and I've even received some compliments on it.

The necklace is the luck potion from Harry Potter. I love the corked bottle, though I may swap the chain for one a bit longer.


Don't think this is really a lifestyle favorite, but I don't have another one, so this one is going here!
I use my phone to take my blog photos -Not professional I know, but I never claimed to be. :p - so I can't buy a normal macro lens, and I am too lazy for the laser pointer DIY, so when I found this macro lens for smart phones on Amazon for only $5 it was an easy sell! I love when other nail bloggers post macro shots of polishes on their blogs and social media, so being able to too has been really fun.


I never thought that while living in Florida I would become even more addicted to weird knee high socks, but they are fun to wear around the house. Here are a few more I've bought this month. The Pikachu ones are an obvious favorite of the bunch. -I bought them at HotTopic with that $15 off $30 coupon.-


This unfavorite is not really the products fault, more so the fact that I like to block out of my brain just how pale I truly am on occasion. I have been wanting to try the Physician's Formula Super BB for a while, and not just because of the cute, sparkly packaging. -Though that was a contributing factor.- But I could never find the light shade! So, being the genius that I am, I for some reason thought that the Light/Medium shade would be fine on my on the verge of translucent skin. Surprise, surprise, it was not! The formula seems lovely, but it is wasted given how dark this looks against my skin. Maybe if I can ever get my hands on my true shade I can give this product another try. Though in my defense, that the little sample stripe on the front of the compact shows a much lighter color than the product within!

Thanks for reading! To check out my favorite things for the month of June click here.



  1. I love that necklace and dress! I have never tried the physician's formula bb cream, but their cc cream is amazing! You should try it out :)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for the recommendation, I will have to give the CC cream a try, I've always been a fan of their products. :)


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