Julep Maven Unboxing July 2015

My Julep Maven box is, again, on the light side this month. None of the add-on products really tickled my fancy. Next month will be a bit more interesting, as I spent about all of my Jules to get some add-ons to that box. (Jules are like the grown nail polish addicted woman's version of the tickets you earned at Chuck E. Cheese as a kid to use towards lame toys, but cooler, because it's nail polish and not a knockoff Barbie doll or generic stuffed bear...) Every time you purchase something from Julep you get a certain number of Jules, and I spent all of mine on a whim! Because why not.

As I said, a bit empty given my lack of add-ons, but a nice box nonetheless.

My beauty product for the month was this fast absorbing cuticle creme.
I usually just stick to my Orly cuticle oil after swatching a polish or making some nail art, and my Burt's Bees lemon creme every night, but I really like this super thick creme. It dries -unsurprisingly given the title- very quickly, and the scent isn't too strong. I also love the little jar, even if it does sound a bit passive aggressive. (My cuticles look thirsty!? What's that supposed to mean, jar!?)

My two nail polishes for this month were:

Lainey, a rich metallic purple with a soft shimmer.

And Corinne, a thick, textured oatmeal color, whose shimmery textured finish Julep calls Stardust.

For my swatches of Lainey I used three thin coats, followed by my Out the Door fast drying top coat. Its formula is almost like a jelly polish, but with much more coverage. I love how glossy it looks with a top coat, but I am curious to swatch it matte sometime, I think it might look really nice.
I don't gravitate to metallic shades often -I love a good textured shade overall.- but this is a lovely color.

My swatches of Corinne are three coats and no top coat to preserve the Stardust textured finish.

I honestly thought this was going to be my favorite of the two polishes when I saw first saw it. I just love a good textured shade, and this was similar to Zoya's PixiDust, or Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmer, in that it was textured and sparkly all at once. But, maybe it was the brutal Florida humidity, a bum bottle of polish, or this is just how the formulation is, but this polish was so thick, and oddly lumpy, it was just a huge pain to apply to my nails. With the color and formula it really did feel as if I was trying to paint actual oatmeal on each nail, which is not quite what I want when applying a polish.

I also am not that much of a fan of the color, it looked much more grey toned when I saw the sneak peek of this box online, and this porridge color just is not the most flattering with my skin tone.

Lastly, because I will look for any excuse to use my new macro lens, here are a couple macro shots of Corinne!

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  1. I love the Julep Maven box! I actually skipped July though, but I was loving the textures!

    1. I love the box too, I also love that you can swap out items that you don't really like, it makes it more worthwhile I think.


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