Skoshbox Unboxing June 2015

I had a very stressful day at work today, so why not block it out by talking about candy!
Yes, it is back! If you have read my blog for a while, you may have noticed I used to post Skoshbox unboxings every month. Skoshbox is a very cool subscription service that sends a box of Japanese candy and snacks to your door monthly. I was a subscriber for a long time, but when I moved I had to put my account on hold. I had planned on renewing my account right away when I was settled in sunny Florida, but life got in the way, and it took until now to finally do so!

Ironically, the very last Skoshbox I received was in June, so it is only fitting I started it up exactly one year later.
I actually missed the cut off date to be able to get the June box, I was supposed to have to wait until July, but I had mentioned my excitement of rejoining on Instagram, and Skoshbox messaged me offering to send me the June box instead to restart my membership! It was super nice of them.
They requested I email them, and while it did take almost a week to hear back, when they did, they apologized for the wait, (Which wasn't really that big of a deal, seeing as it wasn't a customer service issue or anything, just a June box.) thanked me for rejoining, and even let me know they shipped my box out that same day. I was super impressed with the customer service already from previous experiences, but this solidified my love for this company.

One thing I was surprised by was how much Skoshbox had changed in the year I was without the Japanese candy goodness. They have a much sleeker website, cool web store, and a new box called the DEKAbox. Which instead of a small box of sample candy and snacks, it is almost a pound of full sized snacks for $24 a month, and for $2 extra dollars a month you also get an accessory item. I remember when I first signed up in 2013 they used to offer an accessory item in the original Skoshbox, so I was pleased to find it was back.
Of course I couldn't pass this up and signed up for the DEKAbox. No surprise there...

Big Bar Z Chocolate: Crispy Puffed Chocolate Bar.
This was a favorite. It tasted like if you morphed Cocoa Puffs cereal into a giant, puffed candy bar!

Honey Nut Pretz Sticks: Sweet & Nutty Biscuit Sticks.
I am already a big fan of Pretz sticks. I have only tried the sweet "dessert" versions, but I really loved the taste of this flavor as well. It reminded me of Honey Nut Cheerios, weirdly enough.

Puccho: Vitamin Gold Candy: Fizzy Vitamin Candies with Chewy Gummy Center.
One of the weirdest ones. I could not tell you about the gummy center as I could not eat one of these candies for more than a second.
However, I really like the package, once unfolded it takes the shape of a vitamin bottle, very cute. It also has vitamin C, so it's like those Emergen-C pills, but a carbonated explosion. This candy is mental, it is so carbonated, the sensation is hard to explain. Picture Pop Rocks times a thousand.

Magical Mizuame Candy: Pink is Strawberry, Blue is Soda, Yellow is Lemon. Mix all three for Grape.
Another weird one. It is three packs of straight up sugar goo, that when mixed all together surprisingly takes exactly like grape. I only tasted a small amount, as I'm a chicken when it comes to weird food textures, so I could not get over the gooey nature of this candy. I don't know how you could eat the entire thing, but the flavors were pretty spot on except for the Blue > Soda flavor. To everyone around me who tried it, including myself, it tasted like blueberry.

Mario Gum and Card Game: Soda Gum with Matching Game.
I drink soda occasionally, but one thing I am not a fan of is soda flavored candy. I feel like it is just like when candy claims to be "banana" flavored, it never is. Case in point, this gum just tasted like something I would use to clean a sink, or kill an enemy. Not a fan.
What I was a fan of was the little character cards included, (That I forgot to take a picture of, because I'm smart like that...) that I felt like was Nintendo's version of Chocolate Frogs. I sadly did not get Mario or Peach, but I did get Bowser.

Caplico Strawberry Cone: Crispy Strawberry Ice Cream Snack.
This is one of the coolest snacks, no pun intended. Ice cream without the chill, it is delicious candy version of ice cream, with a whipped strawberry and chocolate "ice cream" inside an actual ice cream cone. I love any Japanese candy in strawberry, I'm sure it is just as artificial as our strawberry flavored candy, but the flavor is so much better. It. Is. So. Good.

DIY Choco-Kinako Mochi Kit: Mochi, Chocolate, and Kinako Powder.
I instantly thought of Poppin' Cookin' when I opened this, but sadly while I have some Poppin' Cookin' skills usually (My only food skill resembling "cooking" in any way.) I totally bombed making this! I added way too much water, so the Mochi was so watery and unpleasant I could not eat it. The chocolate was delicious however, and so was the Kinako, which tasted like graham crackers.

Bake Cream Cheese Bites: Crispy Outside with a Soft Creamy Center.
Saving the best for last! You can tell by the fancy black and gold box. :p
Do you want cheesecake in bite form, and without the minimal effort it takes to make cheesecake? Me too! Enter these little bites of unhealthy heaven. They taste exactly like I made a cheesecake, then methodically cut up and lightly baked each piece. I shockingly still have a couple bites still in the box in my fridge, how they have survived this long without being eaten, I will never know.
Now that I am reminded, I have a sneaking suspicion they are not going to make the night...

Kuroneko Screen Cleaner: Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner.
My little accessory in this month's box is this adorable screen cleaner that actually has a headphone jack to attach it to your phone. My IPhone screen is usually just a mess, so this has been a very helpful feline friend for my gross, fingerprint covered phone.

Thanks for reading! To check out my old Skoshbox unboxings (Please excuse the terrible picture quality!) click here.


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