Sailor Moon Nail Art with BeMe Nail Art Pens*

I honestly had no plans on trying out another nail art pen after my disappointment with one of Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art Pens, and other pens I've used in the past. They have all been beat by a good old striping brush, so I did not see the point of trying more. But recently I was contacted to see if I would review some new pens by a brand called BeMe, and while I had low expectations from the mess that was the Sally Hansen version, I thought why not give it a try.

First I'll show you the nail art I made. I wanted to use all the colors given to me in the kit they sent, but had a hard time coming up with a cohesive design with everything. But then my nerdy side took over, and I remembered I've wanted to make some Sailor Moon inspired nail art for a while now, and coincidentally the colors in the kit worked very well for this idea!

The pens are double sided, which I will show you later in this post, so I used four of the shades for the base colors, and the other four to create the symbols for each girl.
My pinkie nail is Sailor Venus, ring finger is Sailor Mercury, middle finger is, of course, Sailor Moon, index finger is Sailor Mars, and my thumb -That I forgot to properly photograph, again, because I'm smart like that.- is Sailor Jupiter. I know there are other characters as well, but these fit the colors of the pens really nicely.

For some added detail, I also applied some matching nail gems to each nail using clear polish to adhere.

I topped the look off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

Now let's talk pens!

I received the Blooming Collection, which is full of summery, bright shades. They also have other collections called Harvest, Breezy, and Festive.
The kit includes four pens, each double sided, giving you eight polishes/pens in total. It also includes a cute guide book with step by step instructions to create designs using the pens if you are new to nail art.

Each polish is sadly not named, but I received four cremes shades: A bubble gum pink, classic red, pastel yellow, and -my weakness- mint green, and four shimmery shades: A violet purple, light pink, magenta, and my favorite of them all, a bright sky blue, which instead of the silver shimmer the others have, contains a very pretty holographic rainbow shimmer.

Because the blue shade is my favorite, I couldn't resist taking an extra photograph of it, as well as break out my new macro lens so you could see how pretty it is!

Each pen has a two-for-one cap, you untwist it to reveal the normal brush head, or pull to reveal the fine point metal tip. You can also remove the entire tube of polish from the pen by unscrewing it, so if you have more than one collection, you can mix and match your pens to suit your needs.

The pros of these pens are: The fine metal tip is awesome, so much better than the Sally Hansen Sharpie-like plastic vial. It is far more precise, and easy to use, I just gently squeezed the pen to release the color. I also like that the pen is both a normal polish and a pen, so I feel like your getting more for your dollar.
The polishes are easy to apply, and have nice coverage. During normal polish application the shimmer shades did need an extra coat or two to reach full coverage, but the creme shades only needed two coats.
I really like the pen tip, I was able to get a pretty fine line easily, without any color bleeding or splotches. And, again, unlike the Sally Hansen pen, they did not stain my skin and nails, nor did the lines shrink or break as they dried.

The cons would be: I feel like I need to hire The Hulk to open some of the caps! While it is good that they are secure, I also do not wish to break my fingers in the process of opening them. Also, sadly, while I loved the blue, I could not use it in the pen form, as it is a clear base, so when I would try to draw with it, I would mostly get clear polish with random bits of blue here or there. This was the only polish that did this though, all the others applied nicely. I just wish I could have used it as a pen as well.
My only other complaint is that a couple of the pens tended to leak (The mint creme, red creme, and the blue shimmer, which you can see in my photo above.) when you first opened them, but luckily if you just hold them upright for a few seconds it would ease off enough to still use the pen. Unfortunately, the only one that this didn't work for was the mint pen, I just had to work quickly to prevent splotches.

Overall, while I was given this kit, my honest opinion is that I really like these pens far more than any other I've tried. While there were some hiccups, and I will always gravitate to my brushes as I've used them for a long time and are the most comfortable with them, I would totally use these pens again for designs where I would not think I could use a nail art brush to achieve the fine lines I was looking for. Or to just have fun and doodle on my nails. :p

The BeMe Nail Art Pens are sold at Walmart, Amazon, and I've checked both and, and they retail for $14.99 at Walmart, and go for around $14.99 to $22.99 on Amazon. They are sold for $19.99 at the MyQuestStore.

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art I've done click here.

* I was given this product for review consideration. I was not paid to give this review, nor asked to only share a positive opinion. I only give my honest opinions on products, good or bad.


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