Julep Maven Unboxing June 2015

Sorry for the radio silence this week, the three people who read this besides my mother... :p
I caught a chest cold over the week. How I did when I live in Florida, and work from home, I will never know, but I did, so I was pretty lazy this week trying to get over it.
Plus, I spent most of my time today in a salon doing something I have been wanting to do for ages, but couldn't afford until now, which is to get pink hair!
I am now pink with green bangs. I love the Riddler and the Joker, so I liked the idea of incorporating both their signature green color. I call this hair my Batman villain hair.
If you are curious to see it, I posted a very rare photo of myself on Instagram (Link on the right.) which I probably will never do again, as I hate having my picture taken. Dorian Gray would probably want to have his picture taken more than me.

Anyway, now that my salon trip is over, I thought I would share my latest Julep Maven box.
It is on the small side this month as I didn't take advantage of any add-ons, I spent my money on the pink hair... But I did get a freebie from a promo email they send to Maven subscribers, which would give you either a free nail care treatment thing, or a lipstick. I have quite a bit of nail care items, so I opted for the lipstick.

First up is the bonus gift. I got a rosy pink lipstick called Twirl. I've been trying to break out of my lip gloss comfort zone, and have been branching out into light lipsticks.
This one has a nice, creamy consistency, and bonus I love the tube it comes in. Not only is the shiny black very pretty, the top is actually magnetized, so it closes very securely. I like that, the snap of the magnet is very gratifying, I have no worries of the lipstick opening by accident in a purse or makeup bag and getting ruined.

I just can't escape lip gloss! The beauty product in this box is not actually called a lip gloss, but a Conditioning Lip Treatment in a super bright red shade called Poppy. But if it looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck...
I love the bright red color, and the metal applicator is very interesting. The look of it is very cool, and it has a cooling effect to your lips when applying the product that is very refreshing.

My only complaint is the color pay out is a tad spotty. When applying it more often than not you get just a clear gloss and no color at first. It takes a few swipes to get the red pigment, and when you do it is difficult to get an even amount.

Here are some swatches. From left to right: Poppy and Twirl.

The theme of this box would be The Queen of Hearts dream, as everything is pink or red, and the polishes are no exception.
I received shades Tiffany and Suse.

Tiffany is a bright red shade with a jelly formula. Reds are not my go to nail polishes, but I do like the vibrant color, and I am always a fan of jelly formulas.

Suse is a bright peachy pink creme, and my favorite of the two. It is a really nice polish for summer.
(I know it is not spelled the same, but this polish just makes me think of Big Suze from Peep Show!)

My swatches of Tiffany are three coats, followed by my Out the Door fast drying top coat. Given the jelly formula the coverage is a little thin, even after three coats my free-edges are still slightly visible, but it's not too noticeable at a distance.

Suse has really great coverage, so I only needed two coats, followed by my top coat. I love how flattering this shade of pink is with my skin tone, and I really like the glossy, creme finish.

And lastly, here is an adorable picture of the ever growing Raven Darkholme assisting me in taking the photos for this post. Such a good assistant!

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