Julep Maven May Mystery Box Unboxing

Today I have a little bonus Julep unboxing to share. Though technically it is really an "unbagging", but that sounds sort of weird to me, I don't know why. But anyway, I was emailed this little promotion from Julep Maven about this mystery "box", which was a Brika bag full of $150 worth of products for $30. I never heard of Brika before this, but my mother told me is like an accessory brand she is very fond of. The bag looked adorable, and I have little self control with beauty products, so I bought it!

First, here is the Brika bag. I was surprised by how big it was. The pictures online must have had it folded or something, because I thought it was going to be just a small cosmetic bag, but it is more akin to a medium sized envelope clutch, just with a zipper closure.

I love the print on the outside, it makes me think of beach umbrellas, and the mint colored inside is a cute touch. I have no clue what I'm going to do with this bag, but I love it, so I'll figure something out I'm sure!

The first product in my bag is actually an add-on product, it doesn't automatically come with this bag. Julep always offers discounted add-on products when you buy a box, so I took the opportunity to purchase a crystal nail file, which I have been wanting for a long time now. I kept meaning to buy one but it seemed dumb to buy just one nail file online, and whenever I could have purchased one with other products I would always forget! So I bought a two pack and gave the second one to my mother. It looks really sleek, and works amazingly. It is my new favorite nail file, even over my go-to O.P.I professional ones.

Now for the products that come with the bag.
First I got the High Impact Mascara. I haven't used it yet, but as a sucker for packaging I love the quilted pattern on the tube.

Next I got a lip gloss in shade Vivid.
It is a Gothic looking burgundy shade with gold toned shimmer. It is quite darker than what I normally wear, so this is not really a daily lip gloss for me, but I love the color and am going to try to branch out and wear it. I am very, I don't know how to call it, "conservative" with my lip colors, I usually stick to pale or pink tones, but that can be boring, so I'm trying to break out and try bolder and darker colors. I just have to be careful with my ghostly complexion, too dark shades may make me look downright translucent.

Now for the best part, nail polish!
First up, left to right, I got Brandis, Lilou, and Marcella.

Brandis is a super pretty, very green toned teal creme shade. It has very good coverage, seen are two coats followed by my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

(Sorry, I did not have time to swatch each polish individually the day I took the photos, I had to make some random skittle manicures on each hand to show off all five polishes.)

Lilou is a lovely soft pastel yellow creme. Not surprisingly its coverage is not as great as the bolder shades, but still very good. Pictured are three coats followed by my top coat.

Marcella is my favorite of the creme shades in this box. It is a bold magenta shade that also covers really well. Pictured are two coats followed by my top coat.

The last polishes are my absolute favorites. They are super bold glitter polishes that are just so gorgeous I can't stop looking at them, even in the bottles! Even in pictures you can see just what glitter bombs they are. From left to right is Shayla and Chatoya.

Shayla is my absolute favorite polish from this whole mystery box. I just love the bold effect of it. It is a violet shade densely packed with holographic micro glitter. The opacity of this polish is just wonderful, my swatches are two coats followed by my top coat. The polish alone actually has a slight gritty finish to it, but when smoothed out with a top coat the glitter effect becomes even bolder.

Chatoya is a clear base filled with metallic champagne toned glitter. Given the clear base the formula is not as impressive as Shayla, and did not work very well worn alone. I would suggest a base color to prevent the visible free-edge you see in my swatches. I love the color however, and find it very elegant looking. My swatches are three coats followed by my top coat.

Thanks for reading! To check out more Julep Maven unboxings click here.

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