Black Heart Beauty Nail Polishes Swatches & Review

I've already mentioned buying these awesome nail polishes from Hot Topic in my last haul, and again in my May favorites list, so I really am a broken record at this point when I say how much I love these polishes. But I wanted to finally share some swatches of the actual shades tucked away in the super cool bottles.

I am going to be completely honest and admit that while I did pick shades that caught my fancy, I really would have bought any color just to get my hands on these skull bottles. I have no shame in admitting my love for pretty and interesting beauty product packaging, and these have to be my favorite bottles of any polish I own, and I own quite a bit of nail polish...

My only grievance is one I also had during my recent Forever 21 polish review, and that is the lack of pun filled monikers! Or any names in general. I would even take Julep's odd girl's names over just "Neon Blue" and "Mint"! I enjoy a good nail polish pun, they are not every one's cup of tea I know, but I like them, so I was disappointed to find that with such unique and cute bottles they couldn't, or wouldn't, come up with some interesting names!

OK, superfluous rant over. I will say that since I think it is an in-house Hot Topic brand, they may not put as much time into the names and collections as, say, O.P.I, the reigning champs - in my opinion- of pun-tastic polish titles. (Along with KBShimmer!)  So I will let this really dumb grievance slide because the bottles are cute, and the polish itself is easy to work with.

Speaking of polish, let's actually talk about the contents of the bottles for once!

Neon Blue is a vibrant electric blue creme/jelly that is just gorgeous. I frankly like it on my nails even more than in the bottle, as it looks even bolder. It seems to be on the fence between a creme or a jelly. The polish looks like a creme in the bottle, but it dries to a semi-matte finish that reminds me of jelly polish.

While it is a bit too sheer for my liking on my free-edges, this polish has nice coverage. My swatches are two coats followed by my Out the Door fast drying top coat, which gave it a slightly glossier finish than it naturally has.

Surprisingly, given my love of mint polishes, this shade is my favorite of the two.

I always love a good mint polish. I have frankly too many already, yet I can't help but buy more.
Mint is a... Mint... Creme, that does not share the jelly characteristics of its kin. It is a very pretty pastel creme, that not surprisingly given its light color needed an extra coat to cover. Though the formula is still great.
The odd creases on my ring finger nail cannot be blamed on this polish, that was actually caused by me too liberally applying my top coat after applying the color, which caused some lines as it dried. Oops!

My swatches are three coats, followed by one -too thick apparently- coat of top coat.

Like the blue shade, I really love the vibrancy of this polish. They are both super bold and fun to wear. And obviously the bottles are also super fun and awesome. So bonus points for the polishes inside the bottles paying off too.

Black Heart Beauty is, to my knowledge, sold exclusively at Hot Topic, so you would have to either go to a local store or maybe try their website to purchase this line of nail polishes.

I will admit to a rather stupid moment now, in that the last two posts I've mentioned these shades I left out the price as I could not remember it. Color me surprised when I turned the bottles over to find the shade names and discovered the price tags still on the bottom! So genius. Much smart. So now I can say for sure that they run for $5.00 each. Your welcome!

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