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Hello, hello, hello.

I have been gone for a few days, I'm sure the three people who read this besides my mother did not notice. :p
I meant to post Tuesday, but I spent the majority of my day shopping around my local mall, taking a nice break from work. So needless to say, expect a mall haul soon!

But before that, today I thought I would share my opinions on my very first Z Palette.
I think pretty much every beauty junkie has either heard of Z Palettes, or owns one or more of them. I've always liked the look of them, and the organization they create to get rid of the over abundance of palettes, jars, compacts, and other containers makeup collections accumulate. I finally bought my own after being inspired by a Grav3yardGirl YT video on her experience using one and de-potting her products for the first time.

I bought this adorable large tie-dye printed palette for $18 on Amazon. The palette also comes with a small bag full of differently sized magnet stickers for makeup pots that are not magnetic on their own. Most of my products were magnetic, except weirdly enough for the e.l.f pots, apparently they do not want their products to transfer and make my life easier...

I love the tie-dye print, I actually would have preferred not to have the plastic window, only because it gets dirty quickly, and the all over tie-dye is much more eye-catching.
My only real complaint would be with the magnetic stickers. The adhesive is not very strong, and neither is the magnet, so the pots really don't feel very secure once placed on the magnetic bottom. While I did not really plan on flipping the palette upside down, or tossing it like a Frisbee, it still makes it a challenge if you wanted to travel with it and cannot guarantee it won't tilt in your bag.
Luckily I am quite the homebody, so this really does not apply to me, but maybe someone who reads this actually goes outside regularly and may want to know...

Now to talk about the challenge, de-potting the products!
I had a feeling given this was my very first Z Palette that de-potting may prove quite a hurdle for me. So I purposefully focused on products that were on their last legs, cheap-o drugstore products I wouldn't care about re-buying, and makeup from that giant beauty box I bought last year. Just in case I totally bombed and destroyed everything worse than Godzilla destroys major cities.
Not surprisingly, I did not do that great, not horrendous, but not great. I did not have wax paper to do the wax paper and flat iron method, because I do not plan ahead, obviously! So I had to carefully warm the bottom of the compacts without melting the plastic or burning myself along the way. I also did not have one of those Z Palette spatula things, because I was not spending $16 on a spatula!! So I used a trusty butter knife to fish the pots out of their little homes. I ended up cracking my bronzer, and bending some tins in the process, but I did it, and I did not lose any fingers! That's a win in my book.

Overall, I really like the Z Palette, and will most likely pick up another one when my vanity becomes a hot mess of products once again. I really like how organized it makes everything, as well as having some of my makeup in one place.

I don't know if Z Palettes are sold in stores, but I'm sure they are easy to find online, as I said I bought mine for $18 from Amazon.

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