May Mall Haul

This little haul really has no rhyme or reason to it, I really didn't go shopping for a particular item or anything. Like I've probably mentioned far to much, work is really stressful right now, so I just went to the mall to walk around, get out of the house, and relax for a few hours. Maybe that's weird that I find walking around a mall relaxing, but I do. I mostly window shopped, but not surprisingly I bought things, because I was at a mall, and I'm me, I can't not buy anything...

I randomly decided to browse through Hot Topic for a bit, it was very nostalgic and took me back to my goth teenage years. This happened to be on Revenge of the Fifth, the day after May the Fourth be with You, so there was a sale on Star Wars items, (Which was great, as it was before my brother's birthday, so I picked him up a few things as well.) There was also a sale on Doctor Who items called Who's Day Tuesday, and of course being a big Doctor Who fan I had to buy this amazing Bad Wolf hat and Don't Blink necklace.

While I was at Hot Topic I also found these awesome Black Heart Beauty skull nail polishes. I've seen these on another beauty blog a while ago, -I think it was Vampy Varnish, one of my favorites.- wanted them, completely forgot, then freaked out when I saw them. I somehow only bought two, but I definitely plan on going back for more, especially since I got a coupon for $15 off my next purchase when I checked out.

I also had to show these cute cutouts they were giving out with each purchase for Revenge of the Fifth, I gave them to my brother.

Next I went to my new favorite clothing store, Cotton On, and picked up a couple tank tops and some new jeans.
I've lived in Florida for almost a year now, meaning you would think I would have already built a fitting wardrobe for the murderous humidity and heat. Nope. It is already hitting mid-90 degree temperatures where I am, so I really need to get on it to prevent me having to wear sweaters and die of heat stroke. These adorable tank tops were 2 for $20, and I really like the zipper detail on the back.

I've also been looking for a pair of light denim jeans, so these cute jeggings were a great find as well.

Being a sucker for cheap jewelry, I stopped by Claire's, who were having a BOGO buy two get one free sale on jewelry coincidentally enough. I bought three pieces from their collaboration with Katy Perry. Then I impulse bought this pretty Eiffel Tower printed hard shell wallet at the checkout counter as well, because as I've said before, I am a cliche of a girl, and I love anything involving France.

And lastly, I stopped in Bath & Body Works because I used up all my candles -Gasp!- and wanted to pick up a couple. Of course I yet again missed the BOGO sale they have frequently on candles, I just have the worst luck with BBW sales.

I picked up two candles, Turquoise Waters and Cherry Blossom Sangria, and five more of their cute -Is it weird to call hand sanitizer cute?...- scented hand sanitizers.

The last thing I bought was this lovely lavender and honey scented perfume to add to my growing fragrance collection. I've really started loving perfume over my go-to body mists I used to buy often, and this scent smells so pretty. And as a sucker for packaging, the bottle is just adorable!

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