May 2015 Favorites

I feel like I just wrote my last monthly favorites post, and now it's already that time again! I am quite happy that the months are going by quickly however, because it means busy season at work is getting closer to coming to an end, which means work will be much less crazy! Yay!

My nail polish favorite this month has to be these Black Heart Beauty nail polishes I bought during my recent mall haul. I am just obsessed with the skull shaped bottles.

This is kind of a weird beauty favorite, as it is more of a skincare item. But it does make my skin look clear and nice, so that's a beauty favorite in my book.
Ever since moving to Florida my skin has gone from dry and only getting a pimple once in a blue moon, to oily and pimple mania! My skin has never been like this before, so it has been a really hard adjustment getting used to this drastic change in my skin, and figuring out a new skincare routine.
I used to have to only wash my face once a day, any more and my skin would dry out really bad. Now if I don't wash my face twice a day my skin feels like an oil slick... Bleh...

All the breakouts I've been having now have been making me feel very self conscious, but this spot treatment has been helping quite a bit. It helps get rid of pimples very quickly, and doesn't dry out the surrounding skin in the process. I use it every morning and night, and have not had any adverse effects.

My two fashion favorites are also from my last mall haul. I bought the weird and cute floral "disco ball" looking necklace at Claire's. I love the look of it, and have been wearing it with most of my outfits lately.
My second fashion favorite is no surprise, I have already had this awesome hat in an outfit of the day on Instagram, and have gone on and on about how much I love it in that mall haul, so of course I had to include it in this month's favorite list.

Maybe it is weird in this day and age to start buying more DVDs. I know everyone buys movies digitally now, but I hate buying digitally as it doesn't feel like a real purchase. If I buy something I want to have it in my hands. I'm old I know... But I have been building a little movie collection lately, as I've discovered I enjoy having movies playing in the background while I work.
Pictured above are my latest purchases, I love Wolverine, and anything to do with X-Men. And being a cliche of a girl, You've Got Mail is a fav.

My last favorite is technically a fashion favorite, but my printed legging addiction is pretty random, so I threw it here.
Since I work from home full time, and spend the majority of my time in front of my computer, sitting for 8 hours working in a full-blown outfit is silly and uncomfortable, and sitting in my PJs all day just makes me feel like a slob, so enter: Weird printed leggings!
They are super comfortable, and I love finding interesting prints and patterns. Above are my latest finds from target. I love the palm tree and triangle print ones, but the seashells are my favorite of the two. I was wearing them when I was taking the pictures for this post, so I had to take a picture of my legs so you could see them. Enjoy my ugly tiled floor! I swear it's clean, the tile is just a muddy pattern so it looks dingy in pictures. I love that the seashells almost look like fish scales, so I kind of feel like a mermaid a little bit when wearing them.

Thanks for reading!
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