Julep Unboxing May 2015

Today I am sharing my second Julep box and the beauty treats within.
While I quite enjoyed this box, I am even more excited for the May mystery box Julep was offering, which was a cute cosmetic bag full of $150 worth of products for $30. I bought mine today, and can't wait to get it. I will have to do a bonus unboxing (Technically "unbagging") once it arrives. As of writing this post, the deal is still going on, so if you are a Julep fan I would suggest grabbing one before it's gone.

A weird surprise this month was that I received two boxes! They are totally identical, so it was very curious. Must have been a system glitch in Julep HQ. I gave the duplicate box to my mother as a little bonus Mother's Day gift.

The theme of this month's box was nautical and titled Set Sail. My box is much lighter on products than my very first box as I really didn't take advantage of any add-ons besides the free polish in the yellow bag, which was offered in an email promotion before the boxes were shipped.

The beauty product for this month was another one of the lip crayons, which I am a big fan of. I received shade Fuchsia Berry Creme, that is, you guessed it, a fuchsia color! I haven't given it a try yet, as bolder colors on my lips are not really my cup of tea, but I really love the color, so I may have to.

Now for the stars of the show, the nail polishes!
First up is the bonus polish I added to my box. This is shade Cassidy, a super gorgeous teal creme. It has very nice coverage, my swatches below are two thin coats followed by my Out the Door top coat.

The two polishes included originally in the box are shades Denise and Vanna. While I love both shades, especially together (Hint to some upcoming nail art!) I really don't get the nautical vibe from them. When I think nautical I often do not think purple and cream, but to each their own.

Denise is a vibrant violet purple that reads much more grape toned in my photos. It has a slightly jelly-like formulation, and dries to a minimally glossy, semi-matte finish. But that is hard to tell since I stupidly top coated it. My swatch of it below is two thin coats.

Vanna is a cool toned creme that not surprisingly is much thinner than it's kin. Again not surprising given the light color. My swatch below is three medium coats for extra coverage.

Both swatches are topped with one coat of top coat.

Thanks for reading!
To check out my first Julep unboxing click here.

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