Forever 21 Nail Color Swatches & Review

Today I have some pretty old swatches to share that have been sitting in my drafts folder for ages now. I bought these at a mall in Rhode Island right before moving to Florida, so yeah, it's been a hot minute since I bought these, so I figured I should finally post them.

I've never tried Forever21's own line of polishes before this purchase, but the cashier knew how to up-sell at the counter and lured me in with a nail polish BOGO sale, my weakness! So I picked out the two sparkly beauties below.

Sadly, as a girl who enjoys a good nail polish pun, I was disappointed to discover these shades have the highly original names of Turquoise and Blue Assorted. Oooh, ahhh, such clever monikers...

"Blue Assorted" is a clear base with differently sized metallic round glitter in tones of, you guess it, blue, green, silver, purple, and gold in the right light.
Obviously, being a polish from a brand that does not specialize in nail polish, I wasn't expecting a great formula, but was pleasantly surprised. I would have much preferred a tinted base, but the application was not bad at all, I did have to dab the glitter on in places to fill in any gaps, but it makes a very pretty topper. I love the color palette as well.

My swatches are two coats over a base of FingerPaints Tiffany Imposter, followed by one coat of my Out the Door top coat.

"Turquoise" is also a clear base, with teal metallic hex glitter and hex micro glitter. This formula was not as easy to work with as the previous polish. The formula is really thick, akin to a clear Elmer's Glue, and the glitter is pretty lacking. My first coat resulted in no glitter on my nails, I had to blot the next two coats to get any glitter at all.
Just like the first polish I wish the base was tinted, but the metallic teal is pretty, it makes me think of a lagoon for some reason.

My swatches are three coats over a mystery teal polish, because these swatches are old, as am I, and I can't remember which polish it was! By the look if it, it may be ColorClub New Bohemian. I topped the swatches off with one coat of top coat.

Out of the two, the Blue Assorted shade is the favorite. The formula is a bit better, and I really like the the look of it on my nails.

These polishes were around $3 a piece at Forever21, I think. (Again, I'm old :p) I bought mine in store, but they may be on the website as well for people like me who no longer have a Forever21 near them! Gasp! The horror!

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