CoverGirl XL Nail Gel Haughty Lemon Swatches & Review

Today I have swatches of my current favorite yellow polish, CoverGirl Haughty Lemon.
I first used this polish for my Pikachu nail art, and was very impressed with the formula and color payoff. So I am finally sharing some full swatches of it months later, because I'm efficient like that!

Haughty Lemon is a bright, sunny yellow creme shade, that has a very slight metallic shimmer in the bottle that does not read on my nails. The reason I love this shade is that usually with such pale toned yellows the coverage is streaky and quite sheer, but this polish applies super smoothly and with really nice coverage. The formula is on the thick side, but it isn't too much of a hindrance, it just has some issues self leveling.

My swatches are three thin coats, though they do look thicker given the thick formula. I topped the swatches off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

My only gripe is that clean up with this polish is rather difficult. While the formula is thick, the second it hits polish remover, even a small amount on a clean up brush, it melts and runs, leading to unattractive dips and holes around the sides of my nails that I do not like. Though it is not noticeable at a distance. I guess it can be avoided if you are very careful during application and do not get excess polish on your skin, but that is a skill that I lack.

It's strange how bright neon yellow Haughty Lemon reads in photos, because it is much more pastel in real life.

Overall, I would highly recommend this polish if you are looking for a good, really pretty yellow shade that doesn't take many coats to reach full coverage.

CoverGirl XL Nail Gel Haughty Lemon retails for around $5, and can be found online, or at your local drugstore.

Thanks for reading!
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