O.P.I My Vampire is Buff Swatches & Review

I figured it was about time I post full swatches of O.P.I My Vampire is Buff, as I have used it in a bazillion nail designs lately, and have been raving about it in each subsequent blog post. I even just used it in my last nail design (Here)!

This gorgeous, soft cream toned polish seems to be many a nail blogger's favorite. I've read quite a few posts talking about this shade, so when I wanted a new cream polish, this one was the first to come to mind. It took me forever to order it, as I have a terrible memory sometimes, but when I finally did, I dropped it and shattered it all over my floor before I even had a chance to use it... Profanities were said, the mess was cleaned, and then an Amazon order was made. So this is actually my second bottle of Vampire, that has luckily greatly outlived its kin.

My Vampire is Buff, as I have already mentioned, is a soft cream shade with a nice creme formula. O.P.I rarely disappoints me in the formula department in bright or dark shades, but when it comes to light colors it has left me wanting on a few occasions. This polish is a lovely exception. It has a, you guessed it, lovely formula that applies easily, and has great coverage for being such a light shade. I reached full coverage for my swatches below in three thin coats.
My swatches are topped with one coat of my Out the Door top coat.

I've used this polish in so many designs, and just wearing on its own for in-between manicures, that since these photos were taken I am almost out! This is the first polish I've owned that I have used up so quickly, so if that is not a sign of how much I love this shade, I don't know what is.

Besides the color and formula, it is super flattering on my skin tone, and is great as a soft base for nail art. All around I would recommend this polish to any other nail polish addict out there.

O.P.I My Vampire is Buff retails for around $8-$9, and can be found online. I found it on Amazon, as well as Ulta's website. I don't know if it can be found in stores, as it is an older shade.

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