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My bad memory has proven to be a strong foe yet again, because I honestly could not recall if I have made this type of post already. As of this post, I am up to 245 posts to date, and of course I am much, much too lazy to search through all of them to verify this suspicion. I know I took pictures to create a collection & storage post last year, but then I moved, so it seemed pointless since I knew my set up was going to change.

I recently got my set up pretty much how I wanted it, minus some nitpicky things, so I figured I would take the chance of repeating myself, to show my ever growing collection, as well as how I store it. I hope this doesn't come across as bragging or anything. I know I have a lot of nail polishes, obviously not as much as bigger nail bloggers, but the addiction is strong, so give me time... But, I am not trying to brag by showing them all, I like reading these kinds of posts, to see other bloggers collections and different organization ideas and stuff, so I thought it would be fun.

So here is what my set up looks like when you walk into my bedroom.
The nail art table and wall rack were gifts from my dad that came with me from Rhode Island, and the pink roller carts are from Target that I picked up after the move.
I want to replace them with the quintessential Helmer every nail blogger has, since they hold such a good amount of polish, but these get the job done for now, and were super cheap.

Across from my nail polish table is this little sunburst mirror I bought on clearance from Pier One. I've always loved the look of them, so this was an awesome find.

On the other side of the table I have two small white shelves gifted to me by my mother.
I am currently not too pleased with the set up of them right now, they are a work in progress, but they currently house my two Ciate House collections, as well as my Takara Tomy Pokemon, and a couple ornaments.

Right above my table I keep my favorite polishes in this little rack. It is actually a spice rack I found on Amazon, but I liked it much better than the plastic ones sold exclusively for nail polish. This one works just as well, and was frankly cheaper, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Now for the table itself. I love this table, it has wheels, so I can move it anywhere in the house, and work on designs while watching TV, etc. It also folds up, meaning I could also store it if I didn't like having it visible. I really like having it out right now, though once I have my Helmer that might change.

My favorite storage option for my polishes are these two plastic shelves. The smaller one I bought during the liquidation sale at my first job, the second I bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I use these to house my untried polishes, as well as ones I plan on posting swatches of here on the blog.

This glass vase is from Target, and I use it to hold the tiny polishes from O.P.I's mini collections and little gift sets and things. I always had an issue storing these baby polishes, so this was a fun option, as I can still see the polishes as well. Though I am going to have to invest in a bigger vase, this one is about to spill over!

I am not shy about admitting I am a bit of a neat freak and organization junkie. I like things to be orderly, if I had to be a character from Friends, it would be Monica, no matter how much I wish it was Phoebe. Case in point, this pretty birch tree tray I use to hold polishes from completed swatches and designs, so I can remember and find which polishes I used when I am ready to write the corresponding blog posts.

You may recognize this little bag from a past Bath & Body Works haul. It was full of little samples, so once I used the samples, I repurposed the bag to hold my growing stamping plate collection, stampers, scrapers, striping tape, and water decals.

And lastly, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I house the majority of my nail polish in two pink plastic bins from Target. I also bought these small plastic baskets to sort the polishes by brand. They were super cheap from Walmart, and I've even seen them at the grocery store.

The pink bins are not the greatest for polish, they are way too deep, I wish they were more shallow so I could have more drawers, but that is why I am planning on switching to a Helmer.
I was going to take a photo of each drawer, but I figured that might be boring, as they all look just like this.

As I'm looking at this photo, I'm seeing that I may need to tidy up again, since I am seeing some Sally Hansen polishes mixed with my Essie, Revlon, and Sinful Colors, and it's sad how much it is bugging me!

Thanks for reading! My set up is absolutely not finished, even since these photos were taken I have moved some things around a bit again, but I like it so far.

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