First Julep Unboxing!

Today I am sharing my very first Julep box!

I received the 4-piece welcome box, and was also able to pick out a couple products to be included in the box at a discounted price as a little "welcome" gift. I was actually offered 4 discounted products, but I pried my hand off the computer mouse after 2, because I shockingly have some self control.

I was also very happy that I received a coupon code as well, that made my first box (Minus the discounted products) $12 instead of $25. -Though after my foray down the rabbit hole of first box sale items, I brought it back up to $27... Oops.-

The box itself is a cute purple color, and has Julep Maven on printed on the top and sides. -Apparently, you get the title of Maven when you join the subscription service.-

My box included two pre-selected polish colors, as well as two pre-selected lip crayon shades. And I picked a lip gloss trio, and another nail color, that were discounted as welcome gifts.

First up is the nail polish.
I received Myriam, a bold classic red.
Margot, a bright metallic gold.
And my pick, Paula, a royal blue with gold shimmer.

Myriam has a very glossy, jelly-like formula, which surprised me as it looked like a creme in the bottle.
The coverage is lovely! I reached a nice opacity in two thin coats.

Margot is a shimmer bomb of metallic gold.
It has a really nice formula as well, though thinner than Myriam. I reached full coverage in three thin coats.

My favorite shade, Paula, has a really nice creme formula, and gorgeous royal blue color with gold shimmer throughout. The gold shimmer was a bit hard to capture in photographs, but it is very noticeable in person.
Given the bold color, not surprisingly I reached full coverage in two thin coats.

I received two lip crayons:
Cardinal Red Creme, a vivid red with a pink undertone.
And Almond Nude Creme, a soft coffee colored nude color.

Both colors are super pigmented, and apply nicely.
Other lip crayons I've tried in the past have been a bit drying, but these feel very moisturizing, and even have a little visible lip balm core.

I only wish I could have selected the shades included, as I am not really a big fan of red lip colors. I would like to be, but it just doesn't work out. I much more prefer pink shades. However, I am a big fan of the Almond Nude shade, and have already worn it a few times. It is very flattering, and doesn't sink into any lip lines, or bleed around the edges of my lips.

Excuse the pink tint to my skin, I had a hard time removing the red lip crayon swatch before swatching the lip glosses. That red likes to stick around!
The last product in the box is the second product I picked out, the Sparks Fly Lip Glimmer Mini Trio.
I have no qualms in admitting that while half the reason I picked this set is a love of lip gloss, the other half was absolutely my love of the pretty packaging and adorable bottles.

The trio includes:
Divine, a honey toned shade with bright gold glitter.
Dazzling, my favorite, a violet toned color full of green, purple, and pink shimmer.
And Devoted, a rose toned pink with gold and multicolored shimmer.

All three bottles come with a doe foot applicator, and are very, very thick and glittery. If you are not a fan of bold glitter and shimmer, avoid these like the plague.

So that was my very first Julep box!
I really like Julep, and am very pleased with this first box. While the red lip crayon is not my cup of tea, everything else is lovely, and nice additions to my makeup and nail polish collections.
I definitely plan on making this a regular series, so keep a look out for my next Julep unboxing!

Thanks for reading!

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