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Today is my day off, so I took the chance to go see the new Cinderella retelling, that inspired my last nail design. While most live-action Disney remakes seem to be hit or miss, I really loved this one. The actors were great, Cate Blanchett was amazing, and frankly evil, as the step-mother, and Helena Bonham Carter, one of my favorite actresses, was awesome as the fairy god-mother. Her character was really funny, quirky, and similar to the animated version in the classic movie. I wish she had more screen time, because the character was just so interesting, and fun to watch, but she also narrated, so she was still technically part of the movie. I also have to mention the amazing, gorgeous costumes and environments!
So, overall lovely film, would totally recommend seeing it if you are a Disney fan.

Anyway, today I thought besides sharing a novice movie review apparently, I would also share a recent e.l.f beauty haul!
Target was having a clearance sale of e.l.f products, and I couldn't resist taking advantage and trying out some new items.

Please ignore the e.l.f Eye Refresh in this picture, I had a total old lady moment, and completely forgot I had already mentioned this product in my last Target beauty haul! When I grabbed my new e.l.f products to photograph for this post this one just snuck in with the rest. If you want to read my first impressions of it, you can find that post in the link above.

e.l.f High Definition Powder. The first product I bought was this translucent powder. I normally dislike the sifter loose powder jars, given how messy they can be, but the little powder puff is really cute. Like all e.l.f products, this powder was super cheap, at only $3. I've been using it to set my makeup, and to reduce any shine, and really like it.

e.l.f Baked Blush. This blush doesn't have a shade name on it, weirdly enough, but it is a rose colored blush, with flecks of bright pink. It is very, very sheer, my swatch was quite a few swipes to get a strong color for photos. It is also quite shimmery, so not everyones cup of tea I know.
I like how sheer it is, just because I already have a pink tone to my cheeks, so too heavy of a color can look odd. I also prefer the shimmer, as matte bronzers and blushes always end up looking ruddy with my skin tone.

This product was also only around $2-$3. I love how low the cost is for e.l.f products, I know they are not the most high quality, but they always have a nice selection to choose from, the products do what they are supposed to, and the prices are just so good! You can pick up quite a few without feeling any shoppers remorse.

e.l.f Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow. This shadow has a long title, but also no shade name.
This is a super shimmery, golden eyeshadow, whose pot and packaging reminds me a bit of the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadows.

For a product only costing a couple of dollars, the opacity is very good! This was only two swipes of color in my swatch above.
I love the golden, metallic look of this shadow, and it works well blended with other neutral shades, or just alone. I've been trying to find more of this line of shadows by e.l.f, with no luck! I really want more colors.

And lastly, the only disappointment in my little e.l.f haul. The e.l.f HD Lifting Concealer.

I finally used up my super cute Physicians Formula Touch of Glow Concealer, and needed to purchase a replacement. I've used e.l.f concealers in the past, and they have always had pretty good formulas and coverage. That wasn't the problem with this product. The problem was the color! I picked the shade Light, but this shade was just too much for my ghostly pale skin. On me this concealer looks more like a bronzer! "Light" is not what I would call it. Weirdly it also looks much lighter in the bottle, so this was a surprise.

I have already replaced it with another e.l.f concealer, that had another shade below Light, "Fair", that actually matches my, on the verge of translucent, skin.
Luckily this product was only a couple of dollars as well, so I wasn't too upset.
I just find it humorous that this is the lightest shade in this line of concealer, as it was even too dark for my mother, and she is way more tan than me!

Thanks for reading! To check out more hauls click here.
- Brittany

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  1. I really like the HD Powder, it's one of my favourites :) I'm so disappointed that Elf have stopped selling in the UK, definitely need to find somewhere else to buy my products!

    Jordan Alice

    1. The HD powder is really becoming a favorite for me as well. I usually buy most of my e.l.f products from Amazon, as Target doesn't restock it often, so you might be able to find some products on Amazon's UK site. :)


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