Claire's Fuzzy Peaches and Wearing My Tiara Swatches & Review

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I know I am well out of the age demographic Claire's markets towards, but I like cheap costume jewelry, and I am a total sucker for their weird, quirky earring selection, and the BOGO sales they offer on said weird, quirky earrings.

I've known Claire's offers their own line of nail polishes from previous shopping trips, and also other blogs, but never tried any of the polishes myself. Then one of the last times I was there, they were offering a BOGO sale on nail polishes, so I thought I would give it a go! I can't remember how much the polishes go for, but it was only a few dollars.

The first polish I picked was Fuzzy Peaches, this one caught my eye because I don't have many peach colored shades in my collection.
This is a peachy pink creme shade, with surprisingly nice coverage for the low cost, and it being from a non-nail polish focused brand.

The formula is a tad on the thick side, but not terribly so. I reached nice coverage in two coats.
I topped it off with one coat of my Out the Door top coat.

I am a big fan of this polish, I love the color, and it is very flattering with my skin tone.

For my BOGO shade, I picked Wearing My Tiara, because the pink toned holographic glitter caught my eye, as well as frankly it was right next to Fuzzy Peaches, and I liked the look of them together.

unlike Fuzzy Peaches however, this polishes formula is not the greatest. It is holographic hex glitter in a clear base, and is akin to pouring craft glitter into a jar of Elmer's Glue. The formula is super thick, and the glitter is not at all pliable. It also clumps together easily, and is very difficult to apply evenly to the nails. You really have to dab the glitter on to get a bearable, even application.

While I love the look of the glitter, I dislike the formulation, and the tedious application process.

My swatches are three coats over Fuzzy Peaches, topped with the Out the Door top coat.

Here is one last photo of the polishes in natural light. This is also a fond memory for me of my gorgeous long nails, as I have been neglecting them since these photos were taken, and they have been breaking up a storm! I've been better though, and they are starting to grow again, so soon they will be back to this former glory!

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