Tomorrow I have an appointment to go do my taxes, because I am such a grown, sophisticated, adult... -Says the woman sitting here in weird printed leggings, and socks with pretzels printed on them.- While that is such a boring, mundane task, later this week I'm finally going to go see the new live-action Cinderella movie, because while I am a 26 year old tax paying adult, I also am an unabashed Disney fan.

So, not surprisingly, I decided that inspired by the new Cinderella adaptation, I should make some nail art!

When I think of the classic, animated Cinderella (Which though I am seeing the new movie, I had to base my design on the original, as it is one of my favorites.) I think of powder blue, glitter, gold, and her signature black ribbon choker. So these were the main focuses of my nail art today.

I started with a base of O.P.I My Vampire is Buff, -No surprise there! I'm obsessed with this shade right now.- Then used a thin nail art brush and free handed some french tips using Milani Beach Front. A powder blue polish full of fine, silver glitter, that looks like a perfect Cinderella shade of blue.
I also used both colors together on my index finger to create a soft gradient using a makeup sponge.

For some added sparkle, I used Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure and Bundle Monster plate BM-404 to create the soft diamond pattern on most of my nails. I had wished it came out a bit bolder, but now I actually like the soft look of it.

Inspired by Cinderella's ribbon choker, I used some water decals to add a little ribbon detail around my french tips.

And lastly, for even more sparkle, I applied Zoya Liberty to my pinkie nail as an accent.

Besides my accent nail, I topped this look off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

I couldn't take pictures of this design until the next day, as it was raining and had to wait for better lighting. So in the meantime I somehow got some magical tip wear of my Milani blue french tips in the span of less than 12 hours! (I could make some pun about time and turning into a pumpkin, but I'll spare you.) Other than that slight annoyance, I really like how this design came out. It is pretty simple, but I love the look of it, and enjoyed wearing it. I just wish it lasted long enough to wear to see the movie.
I had planned on maybe recreating my Cinema nail art for fun to wear that day, but this one may have won out.

Thanks for reading!
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