April 2015 Favorites

Time again for my monthly favorites!
Today I am in a surprisingly good mood for my quite pessimistic and snarky personality as it's my day off, and I have spent the majority of my time relaxing and watching countless episodes of Family Guy. A productive day I must say! But I am taking a break from this tireless work to share my favorite things from the month of April.

My nail favorite this month is this cool nail stud wheel I found on Amazon. It was only a few dollars, and I love all the different shapes. I can't wait to use it in some nail art, especially the raindrop shaped ones.

I have used Physicians Formula's correcting powder for a few years, it is one of my favorite drugstore beauty products, but it takes me a while to use up a compact of it. I just recently ran out and picked up another at my local Target, and maybe I am out of touch, but I just discovered the new -To me probably.- packaging and I love it! I love the marble look of it and the clear compact. I even like the compact so much I am not even going to de-pot this to put into my ZPalette. I also like the rainbow brush, even though I normally hate these kinds of brushes I still kept it just because of the cuteness.

Another beauty fav is this Julep lip gloss in shade Dazzling. I got this as an add-on in my first Julep Maven box (Unboxing post here.) in a trio box set, but this has been by far my favorite out of the three. I have been wearing it almost daily ever since.

I normally gravitate towards gold jewelry, but I have been wanting to add more silver necklaces to pair with some favorite silver rings (I know I can wear silver and gold together, it's not a crime, but I just don't like the look of it.) I found this adorable deer head necklace at Target, and while I was there my inner 90's kid fell in love with these black ribbon choker necklaces. The large cross also takes me back to my goth teen days. (Aw, awkward teen memories!)

I've actually been pairing all three together lately for a quite chunky look and am really liking it.

I found these awesome shoes while out shopping with my mother, and the pure vitriol that was spit at them from her was both furious and hilarious. Of course I loved them the second I saw them, but for sure I was the only one who had this feeling.

I know that Birkenstocks, which while these are not them, they are definitely styled after them, were trendy for a hot second. I remember seeing some with what looked like skinned Muppet fur on them not too long ago, but I really don't care. They are sparkly, weird, and so comfortable. They are easily my favorite shoes right now.

I love Michael's, I go there for nothing and leave with quite a lot more. Most notably this month I left purchasing these porcelain animals for absolutely no rhyme or reason.
The porcelain elephant was a great find however, because I've wanted one for a while, but the ones I've found were quite pricey for something that serves absolutely no purpose. This one was on sale for $12!

More additions to my Pokemon and Funko Pop collections.
I love the Arkham Asylum themed Pop figures, it is one of my favorite video games so not surprisingly I will be picking up the Batman and Joker figures from this collection soon as well.

Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters, but Killer Croc is pretty awesome looking. When I first played the game he scared the crap out of me, especially when I had to go through the sewers!

OK, this may seem like a weird favorite. But if there are any ferret owners reading this post I would highly recommend buying this product!

Recently my oldest Ferret, Xavier, starting losing a lot of weight, he is only two years old and showed no other signs of ill health, so I really don't know why. But after looking up information online I found a lot of other ferret owners recommended this vitamin paste to help ferrets gain healthy weight. I bought some from Amazon and it has helped quite a bit. I've been feeding him half a teaspoon everyday, and he has already started putting back on weight in only a few weeks. I also feed it to Raven and Lehnsherr even though they really don't need to put on weight -They're both tubby little things.- but the paste also has vitamins that are good for any ferrets health.

All three of them love the taste of it so no issues getting them to eat it, just a warning that it smells terrible, but a small price to pay.

I actually have an unfavorite this month. I already posted this to Instagram, but it was so surprising I felt like complaining here too. :p

I bought this bottle of Sally Hansen Color Foil a while ago, and it was completely sealed and unopened on my un-tried polish shelf, so surprise, surprise when I finally opened it to find it magically dried up! No clue how or why, but it was some weird and disappointing wizardry at best.

Thanks for reading! To see my favorite things for the month of March click here.

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