Zoya Vega Swatches & Review

Today I have swatches of a Zoya favorite, Vega, from the PixiDust collection to share!
Let's be honest, pretty much every Zoya polish I own is a favorite, I love the whole brand, but this one is a stand out. I actually saw it a while ago on another beauty blog, and had it on my wish list for some time, before I finally bought it.

I believe this shade is from their newer PixiDust formulations, as the texture is much more pronounced, and the glitter pieces are much larger and chunkier. I personally love the look, but it can be a bit bold for some who like a more subtle texture. If you are not a fan, I would recommend their older PixiDust polishes, or even Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmer collection, if you can still find it, as I have heard it may be, or is, discontinued.

Zoya Vega is a pearlescent, frosted blue base full of very fine silver shimmer, and differently sized holo hex glitter pieces.
Like most Zoya polishes I have tried, it has a lovely formula that applies very smoothly, then dries to a gritty textured finish. The glitter also applies very well, though the larger hex glitter pieces do clump a bit, so dabbing and placing the glitter is necessary.

My only recommendations are: To be careful how many coats you apply, as this polish can very easily get bulky and clumpy looking on the nails, not surprising with the glitter bomb this polish is.
I applied just three thin coats, and my ring finger nail still looks a little bulky.

And to either wear a peel-off base coat, or armor up and get ready for a battle that will rival Mordor!
This polish holds on tighter to your nails than Scrooge McDuck holds on to a gold coin.
I only wear PixiDust polishes over a base of my O.P.I Glitter Off Base Coat, but if I haven't applied a heavy enough coat I still have issues removing Vega! So be forewarned.

My swatches of Vega are three thin coats with no top coat, to preserve the textured, gritty finish.

In natural light.
It was hard to capture just what a glitter bomb this polish is in my photos, but take my word, when it hits the light it is just gorgeous! I couldn't help but stare at it, luckily not while driving or anything, but it is a beautiful shade, and even when I wore it for almost an entire week it didn't chip badly, or lose its luster over time. I did have some slight wear and tear at the very tips of my free-edges later in the week, but not surprisingly, given the strength at which this polish holds on, it has a lot of staying power.

Zoya PixiDust Vega retails for around $8-$9, and can be found online at Zoya's website, or other online retailers, or at your local Ulta.

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  1. Hah a battle that will rival Mordor! That's exactly why I shy away from glittery polishes. But when they look this gorgeous who can resist?


    1. Exactly! I can never resist a good glittery polish, and always pay the price when it is finally time to remove it from my nails. :)


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