Target Beauty Haul

I haven't posted a beauty haul in a bit, and recently I shopped a little clearance sale at Target, so today I thought I would share what I bought!

Surprise, surprise, I bought nail polish!
Target was having a clearance on Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail color, and somehow I was able to pry my hands off the shelf and walk away with just these two beauties. The luminescent lavender shade is Drama Sheen, and the sparkly deep teal is Sparkling Water.

Target really knew how to get me this shopping trip, as they were also having a clearance on brushes, makeup sponges, and certain e.l.f products!

I bought this knock off beauty blender for less than $2. I am cheap, and last time I saw the beauty blender it was over $20, so while obviously this one is most likely not going to work as well, for only a couple bucks I don't feel to bad about it if I end up not liking it. Also it gives me a chance to test out this kind of beauty sponge, so I can decide if I would want to buy the real thing.

I also bought the e.l.f Eye Refresh for only $3. I always have under eye circles, thanks genetics! So I like to try different eye brightening products. This one has a roller ball applicator, and it also has a nice cooling effect when applying that is very refreshing, especially in the mornings.
I have only been using it for a couple weeks now, so it is too early to really tell if it will improve the appearance of any under eye darkness, but for only $3, if it ends up only being good for a quick under eye pick-me-up in the mornings that's fine with me.

Technically, I am cheating here. I actually bought this Milani lipstick at my local grocery store, but it was on the way home from Target, so that counts right? Anyway, I wanted to talk about it, so I am including it!
This is in shade 62 Matte Blissful, a dusty, mid-toned rose color. I have never tried a Milani lip color before, but this shade just looked so lovely, and yes, I was also guilty of loving the gold packaging as well.
Unfortunately, it is also pretty on, but it bleeds into lines on my lips very easily, so it is not that great to wear. I am trying to heal up my lips a bit right now, as they are always dry and cracked, so maybe this will work better once they are in better shape, but for now I can't really wear this shade yet, as it is not a good look!

Next is this foundation brush from Target's own Up & Up discounted in-store product brand.
I really want to buy some higher end "Professional" brushes, but the price tags are usually quite nauseating, so for now I think I am good with this less than $5 option!

More brushes!
Lastly, I wanted a new, large powder brush, and Target's same in-store brand had these really pretty black and white brushes for only a couple dollars each on clearance. So I bought the kabuki brush, and powder brush.
While I know they are not made by an actual beauty company, so this may be beauty blogger blasphemy, they are very inexpensive and do their job! They don't shed, look nice, and hold product well during application.

I also bought a pair of leggings, on, you guessed it, clearance. -Who doesn't love a good clearance!-But genius me forgot to save a picture of them! They are however on my Instagram if you would like to see them. And my Instagram link happens to be on the right side of this page... (Shameless self promotion done? Yup!)

Thanks for reading! To check out more hauls click here.
-xo Brittany

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