Sally Hansen Velvet Texture and Luxe Lace Swatches & Review

Today I have some swatches to share of Sally Hansen's relatively recent collections, Velvet Texture, and Luxe Lace. They also have another one called Patent Gloss, that of course I also picked up a shade from, because I'm a sucker for new nail polish, and I am quite partial to Sally Hansen.

Sadly, I have heard that these collections replaced the Sugar Shimmer and Fuzzy Coat lines. Disappointing! While these polishes are nice, I felt like the Sugar and Fuzzy lines, while much more gimmicky, were really fun and cute.
I think they are going for a more grown, "sophisticated" look, as the textures are more subdued, and the bottles and logos are more sleek and minimal now as well.

First up is Velvet Texture. I picked up the shade Velveteen, a nice black creme. This is supposed to create a velvet effect on the nails -Duh...- but it really reminds me more of the leather look of that older leather effect collection from Revlon. I think it was like leather and tweed?... Something like that. While I am not really getting velvet, I really like the slightly gritty texture, and the formula was very nice, I reached full coverage with only two medium coats.
I skipped the top coat to keep the textured finish.

While I know not everyone is a fan of black nail polish, I love it, it must be from my teenage goth years. I do think however, that the texture adds a little bit of elegance and interest to it, so it doesn't fall into teenage angst territory too much.

Next up is the more gimmicky of the two, Luxe Lace. I picked up the shade Eyelet, a clear base full of iridescent white hex glitters in different sizes.
Now, I can't really hate on this one too much, while it frankly looks nothing like lace, just glitter, unless you are using stamps or nail decals, you are not going to get a real lace look, especially out of a bottle. I just think maybe they should have just went with calling it what it is, matte glitter.
But, whatever, it is cute, and it looks lovely paired with Velveteen. The clear base changes the textured black shade into a super glossy finish, which I actually like the look of as well.

For my swatches, I applied two medium coats of Eyelet, then one coat of my Out the Door top coat.
While this polish really isn't anything unique, the white glitter is very pretty. The formula was not too thick, and the glitter pieces didn't clump together, and applied easily. I did have to place the larger pieces a bit, but that is not uncommon with larger glitter formulas.
I just wish they could have thought of something a bit more interesting, the look of the glitter reminds me very much of Maybelline's Polka Dot's line.

Overall, I love Sally Hansen, so I will frankly buy any collection they make. But I will miss the Sugar Shimmer line if it really is discontinued.
I really love the look of the Velvet Texture collection, so I will most likely try some other shades, I however will probably skip the Luxe Lace, this shade is lovely, I just have quite a few hex glitter polishes that this collection doesn't really catch my eye to make me want to buy more.
I am curious to try the Patent Gloss, so I will post some swatches of that one soon!

Thanks for reading!
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-xo Brittany

What do you think of Sally Hansen's Luxe Lace and Velvet Texture? Let me know in the comments!

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