Meet Raven & Lehnsherr!

This post is very, very late. I meant to post this the same week I adopted Raven and Lehnsherr, but busy season at work proved a mighty foe, meaning regular posts have gone by the wayside.
But as the saying goes, better late than never! And there is always time to look at cute, furry little creatures.

The latest additions to my furry little family were not planned of course, but I am so thrilled to have them.
I needed to buy some more cat food, when I saw the store I went to had little, heart melting, baby ferrets! The girl working there knew just how to get me, and let me hold the only baby girl ferret, and that was it, she came home the same day.

I named her Raven Darkholme, or Mystique. Because just like with her older ferret brother, Charles Francis Xavier, I can't help but name all my pets after X-MEN characters. According to Raven's adoption papers, she is around 6 months old. Which I find very hard to believe, given how tiny she is!
Not surprisingly, she does not realize just how small she is, and has the attitude more befitting of a great dane, than a tiny ferret. Whenever her and her brothers play, (AKA, battle like WWE wrestlers.) she always gives the boys, who are double her size, a run for their money!

Raven was not the only newcomer. When I got her, there was a particular older ferret that kept trying to grab my hands and get my undivided attention. I got the chance to hold him as well, and heard that he has been waiting for a home for a long time, but given his age and size, he kept getting overlooked.
I could not stop picturing the poor thing getting ignored, and being the ferret version of the crazy cat lady stereotype, I went back a couple days later and brought him home too!

He is named Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto. My all time favorite X-MEN character.
Lehnsherr is about a year old, and is a chunky little monster, who knows he can get away with whatever his heart desires. So, obviously, he fits in perfectly. He also loves attention, and I can tell he is still surprised that he gets as much as he wants now.

He is so crazy and full of energy, that the only pictures I could get of him that didn't come out a blurred mess were the ones where he's asleep!

No post about ferrets is complete without a picture of the O.G, -Yes, I just said O.G, and I don't know how I feel about it either...- Xavier!
Depending on the day, hour, minute, when he looks at me it seems to convey either "I love this! I have more playmates!" or "What have you done?!" This picture is showing the latter, especially as right after it was taken, Raven proceeded to jump right on to his head...

I have noticed though in the past weeks since bringing them home, Xavier and Raven have bonded immensely. Raven loves him, and follows him around like a cliched little sister in a bad sitcom. Xavier is too much of a cranky old man to show a lot of affection, but I do see he prefers to snuggle up with her at night!

Xavier and Lehnsherr seem to have a similar relationship to the characters they were named after. It is a friendship/enemies situation, where they will be trying to chase, out run, and just attack -playfully of course.- each other one minute, than quietly nap together the next.

Lehnsherr and Raven already had a bond being in the same pen at the pet store, so they have been two peas in a pod from the start.

Thanks for reading! Sorry that this post is not at all beauty or nail related, but I just had to share these little cuties!
- Brittany

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