March Favorites 2015

Another monthly favorites post on time?! Madness!
I feel like my posts have been a bit sporadic lately, so this seems like a good starting point to get back to a normal post schedule. Let's hope it lasts. I will try my best!

Anyway, today it is time to share my favorite products and things for the month of March.

My nail favorite for this month is the Nails Inc. NailKale Superfood Base Coat.
I honestly cannot recall if I have already mentioned this product in a previous favorites post, or just on social media. But regardless if this has been in a past favorites list, I am mentioning it again because I love this stuff!

I will admit, I break  one of the biggest cardinal rules of nail care, and of most nail bloggers, in that I do not normally use base coats... I know, I will pause to let you finish any horrified gasps or profanities you may be directing at the screen... I am well aware I should be, but every base coat I have used I've felt like made my manicures chip and peel way quicker, or didn't even protect my nails from staining.
Maybe I'm delusional, or I just choose bad base coats. Either way, I normally skip them. But I saw this one on the Nails Inc. Instagram account, and thought the name was cute, and as a sucker for names and packaging, I instantly ordered it online. Luckily it paid off! This base coat is wonderful, and since using it with every manicure along with my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails I have noticed a vast improvement in the look and strength of my nails, and they have been growing nicely as well.

I have been slacking on the regimen lately however, so my nails are breaking a bit, but I am starting to use it again to bring my nails back to a healthy state.
I would very much recommend this base coat to anyone who wants to strengthen their nails.

This months beauty favorite is the EOS Lip Balm.
I know this lip balm has been around for a long time, and is in practically every pop star's music video for some unknown reason. But I could not recall using this brand before, so I decided to give it a whirl.
I have super dry lips, so normally I stick with more medicated lip balms, and not the pretty packaged ones. But this one works well! It is very hydrating, and I love the weird little egg like jar.
I also got the mint flavor, so it is also very refreshing too.

Printed leggings!
I am not going to lie and say the only reason I am really enjoying printed leggings right now is just the pattern choices. That would be a lie.
I would like to wear pajamas all. The. Time. Do I think it is appropriate to do so? No. Enter: Leggings!
I can wear a cute pair with a long, loose blouse, or tunic (Because they are not pants, people!) and have the feeling of wearing pajamas, just with the appearance of a tiny bit more effort. Perfect for lazy days when I have to go somewhere, but can't be bothered to put a whole outfit together or anything.
Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and clothes. Maybe too much, frankly. But I just love leggings right now for those days when I just could not care, but would like to pretend I do.

My lifestyle fav this month is that I am finally rejoining Skoshbox! I have missed trying all the interesting candy and snacks from Japan, as well as my Skoshbox unboxings I used to post here, so I figured it was about time I started again.
I also just signed up for the Julep Maven subscription box, and have already received my welcome box! I plan on posting unboxings of the Julep boxes as well, so keep an eye out for the first one later this week, or next week. (I can't remember my blog post schedule right now, and am too lazy to get up from the chair I am in to look...)

My nerdy favorite for March is that my lovely, can't live without it -Sad that I said that? Maybe.-, Mac got a little makeover.
My neon yellow case somehow got a big magical chip in it. I do not know how. It's not like it lost a bare knuckle brawl with a PC or anything. It is a mystery! So I thought it was about time to purchase a new one.
My rainbow keyboard cover had also seen better days, so I got a cute, cartoon-like replacement for that as well.
I found both the case and the cover on Amazon for only around $20.

Since I spend both all my work hours and downtime on my computer, it really livens it up!

And my last random favorite is actually a TV show. I just finished watching all the seasons of Peep Show (Which is amazing, and hilarious!) and have now starting watching The Mindy Project. I have heard of this show, I knew it had a girl from The Office in it, but had never watched it until now. No surprise to say, I am hooked! It is very witty, funny, and a quite uncommon feat it has achieved is that I actually like all the characters in the show, which does not happen often.

It also has Chris Messina in it, who I have had major teen girl-esque crush on ever since Julie & Julia. Weirdly enough, I also recently discovered a baby faced cameo from him in one of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail, that I never noticed before! -The scene where Meg Ryan is in the Fox bookstore after her store closes.-

But, anyway, I love him in this show as well, and it has become one of my favorite shows to watch along with Once Upon a Time, and Constantine.

Well, those are my favorite things for March!
Thanks for reading! To check out what made my list for February 2015 click here.

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