Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter Swatches & Review

I just finished work tonight and I thought before I go and watch way too many episodes of The Mindy Project -Hulu got me addicted!- I would share with you some swatches of one of my favorite nail polishes from my collection, Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter.

Besides loving the color itself, I also have a little sentimental attachment as well, as I bought this polish on my very last day at my old job at a clothing store. (Our store, and all the stores for that matter, were liquidated and the company was sold.) I went to the Sally Beauty Supply next door during my lunch break with my friends/coworkers and found this beauty while browsing the nail polish shelves. -No surprise there!- While I love my new job even more, it was a very fun time, and this polish is a little reminder of it, and my awesome former coworkers.

Tiffany Imposter is an absolutely gorgeous shade of robin's egg blue, that also happens to be very similar to the classic Tiffany blue, hence the moniker. I have always loved Tiffany's iconic shade, but had never seen a polish reminiscent of that specific blue color until this one.

I love wearing this polish! It is super flattering, and the creme formula applies smoothly and evenly, with a slight glossy finish. My only complaint is that the color seems to like to separate in the bottle, so I do need to mix it quite a bit to blend it back together. It is also weirdly prone to bubbles as well, which you can tell in my photos if you look at the top of the bottle near the cap.
Other than the slight formula hiccups however, this polish covers very well, and reaches a nice opacity in three thin coats.

My swatches are topped with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

This is one of my go-to shades for in-between manicures, when I'm not swatching a polish or wearing nail art. I will definitely be finding another bottle when I run out of this one, this shade has become a staple in my collection.

Thanks for reading!
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-xo Brittany

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