Valentine's Day Nail Art

Hello again!
Today I have more holiday nail art to share! Yes, after my Halloween nail art (Here), and my Christmas nail art (Here, and here) I've been trying to make nail art that, you know, falls before, or on, the actual holiday!

Now, I will be honest, I really am not that into Valentine's Day, so I wasn't planning on making anything for it, but Nail Polish Canada was sweet enough to send me an adorable Valentines themed Bundle Monster plate, so I thought why not block out my cynical nature for a minute, and create some love themed nail art just this once. I honestly don't think I could hold my cynical nature at bay for too long, I may pull something...

Now, obviously the traditional Valentines color palette is pretty limited. But I really wasn't feeling the mix of red and pink on my nails, so I went for different shades of pinks, and my trusty cream colored O.P.I My Vampire is Buff, because I could seriously use this color for every nail design right now, I am just obsessed with it.

For my nail design I started with the super girly Butter London Alcopop (Which I found for $5 at Marshall's by the way!) as my base. Once that was dry, I used a thin striping brush and My Vampire is Buff to create little heart shaped french tips. I went over the tips a second time using the brush from the bottle as well to help fill in the hearts and provide more coverage.

The lips, swans, and cherub were made using Bundle Monster plate BM-H17* and O.P.I 50 is the New Fabulous, which is actually from the Sally's Beauty Supply 50th anniversary celebration, that I will post full swatches of some time this century...
While I did have some unpleasant results with the kissing lips stamp on my index finger, other than that the other designs worked really well, and applied nicely. -I think the mess up was my error more than it was the plates error.- I was worried, as I have had issues with Bundle Monster plates in the past, but so far so good with this one, as well as some new ones I've bought recently.

And lastly, because what's Valentine's Day without some sparkle, I applied accent nails of Zoya Ginni, followed by one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat to the stamped nails.

Overall, while I am not too pleased over my mess up with the index finger stamp, this was a very fun, cute design, and I loved wearing it. Sadly it did not make it to Valentine's Day, but at least I did something festive near the actual holiday!

Thanks for reading! And I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day with your significant other, or friends... Or chocolate... So much chocolate...
-xo Brittany
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* While this product was given to me by Nail Polish Canada, I was not asked to review, or even use this product, and all opinions shared about it are honest, and my own.


  1. So pretty! I love the colors and the stamp on your ring finger! I nominated you for the Blog Your Heart Out Award. You can check it out here

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the nomination as well! :)


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