February Favorites 2015

I'm Alive! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days, the rainy season is creeping up here in Florida, so my already less than stellar Internet connection has worsened immensely! I am lucky if I can get an email to load, let alone work from home as I do. But today was slightly better, as the sun is starting to show itself, so I figured I would take the opportunity to share the products and things I have been loving for the month of February. And I better hurry before the rain starts again!

My nail favorite this month has to be my new Bundle Monster plates! I have already done a haul and first impressions post (Which you can find here.), so I won't bore you by repeating myself, but this set is really cute and fun, and a great addition to my growing stamping plate collection.

February's beauty favorite is my first Z Palette. I have been interested in Z Palettes for a while, but a recent Youtube tutorial really sparked me to give it a go, plus I was tired of my vanity being littered with different palettes, jars, and containers. I also had a large beauty gift box I bought a while back that was always such a pain to drag out when I wanted to use something, so to pick my favorites to have on hand in this adorable tie-dye palette was a nice change.
This was my very first experience with depotting products, so it was a challenge. I plan on making a whole post with my tips, trials, and errors, so look out for that soon!

I have two fashion favorites this month!
First is this cute, clear, cross body hard shell purse from Amazon. I love the look of the clear purse trend, and found this one for only $20. I really like the gold chain and accent metal, and the purse shipped in really good condition, and was packaged nicely, no scratches or marks on the plastic case or gold frame. It has become my go to purse, and I have even received a bunch of compliments on it as well. It also doesn't hurt that given the clear shell, and size, I am forced to actually keep my purse clean and organized for once!

The second fashion fav is this gorgeous blue and pink gradient maxi skirt I found for a steal at Marshall's. It was on clearance for $10, so how could I not buy it!? That would be wrong... So wrong...
It's a bit long on my 5,3" frame, but with heeled shoes it works well. I love the colors, and the slip inside is actually shorter than the outside, -It stops where the blue stops in the gradient.- so it is very light, perfect for the upcoming warm weather.

Two more Marshall's finds. Yes, it may be totally cliche given my location to be into beachy decor, but I love it. My mother and I stumbled on these pretty canvases on sale for only $20 a piece.
My absolute favorite is the seahorse, but I love the color palette, and worn appearance, of both of them.

My nerdy favorite this month is The Game of Thrones books!
I finally jumped on the bandwagon, and while I haven't watched the show yet - I don't want any spoilers, so I'm waiting until I finish the books.- I am loving this series! Yes, it is gratuitous a majority of the time, but I love the characters, the scenery and overall environment, and of course, the dragons! I'm a sucker for anything with dragons, what can I say.
I have been busy lately, so I haven't read as much as I wanted, but I am half way through A Clash of Kings, and am really enjoying it. I would highly recommend for anyone who likes middle earth-esque stories, and anyone who enjoys lots of violence, magic, and dragons.

Raven & Lehnsherr!
My last favorite for the month has to be the latest additions to my furry family!
Like their brother, Charles Francis Xavier, they too were named after favorite X-Men characters. There is little Raven Darkholme, a 6 month old girly bundle of trouble. And Erik Lehnsherr, a year old cuddle monster, who loves being held as much as possible. As you can see in the picture, Xavier has really bonded with them, and I think he likes having more furry siblings to play with.
I plan on posting a proper post sharing more about them, but they had to be included in this list, as I am so excited I was able to adopt them this month!

I actually have an unfavorite to share this month, *wah, wah, waaaah...* and it is the Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. Recently since moving to this more humid climate, my skin has been having an identity crisis of sorts. It used to be very dry and pretty blemish free, but now it was drastically changed to become a very oily, blemished mess! To combat this new, unpleasant enemy, I tried this new mask which is supposed to be a mask and scrub in one, and claims to help even out skin, and keep pores clear.
It has made my unfavorites list, not because of these claims, my skin does feel clean and fresh after using it. It is because of the texture! I have used mask/scrub hybrids in the past, and none have been as awkward and uncomfortable to apply as this one. It's like trying to spread dry sand on to your face, and is really messy as well. It is very hard to apply evenly, and has a weird warm sensation as well that I do not think was intended.
While I do think it works well as a scrub, it is not at all a mask. It only cost a couple of dollars, so I don't feel that guilty wasting the money on it, but I have no plans on purchasing it again.

Thanks for reading! To check out my favorites list for January 2015 click here.
-xo Brittany

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