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When I have a dupe to share, I either have accidentally bought a duplicate of a polish I already have (Nail blogger problems!), like this dupe, or I have found a cheaper duplicate, and will actively purchase it to pit it against its more expensive rival, like this dupe. (My apologies for the photo quality, this post is really old!)
Today's dupe is an active purchase. I already bought Essie Chinchilly when I stumbled on Nuance Evening Haze at a lower cost, and wanted to see who would come out on top in an epic -Not really- nail polish battle! -Explosions! Excitement!-

In this corner!: Essie Chinchilly, a beige/grey creme formula. Like most Essie polishes I have used in the past, the formula is easy to apply, a bit thin, but covers nicely after three thin coats.

I am a fan of grey polish, and I really like the soft, sophisticated color by itself, or as a backdrop for some simple nail art. I also think this shade works well for any season. I really never pay attention to seasons when it comes to my nail polish, I wear whatever catches my interest, but I still think this color is still pretty seasonally neutral for anyone who is picky about that.

This polish retails for around $9. Not the most expensive, but for some, myself included, not the cheapest either.

And the competitor!: Nuance Salma Hayek Evening Haze. I will be frank, I had no clue when, or why, Salma Hayek has a cosmetic line. But she does, and has some cute polishes to choose from, from what I've seen. Personally, the name is a bit much, why does your name have to be in the title?... But, anyway, this has to be the closest match I have ever had in a dupe post. They appear to be almost virtually identical in any lighting, and have very similar creme formulas. Though Evening Haze is on the thicker side. Like Chinchilly, it applies nicely, and gives full coverage in three thin coats.

The bottle is very cute, and I really like the white leaf print on the cap, so that gives it some extra points. The cap is also wide, easy to hold, and comes with a much larger brush than Chinchilly, which I do prefer. (Of course I should have photographed that, oops.)

Nuance Salma Hayek retails for around $5, only $4 less, but that would totally buy you an NYC polish to go with it, or a top coat... or food, or whatever... pick your poison!

Now for the swatches:

I had taken these swatches a while ago, hence my tiny, short nails! And frankly I can't even remember which nails are which, so that just shows what a match they are! And that my memory is terrible...
Both polishes have a dusty beige/grey tone, and slight gloss finish. I topped the swatches off with one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

As for wear time, again, my great memory, but there really was not a difference I can recall in that front either. They both had similar wear time, as well as dry time.

Overall, given just how identical these polishes are, color and formula wise, it really comes down to cost and brand. At $4 less, Nuance is a bit more economical if you're on a beauty budget. But if you are a loyal Essie brand shopper, like my mother, and don't mind the extra dollars, then Chinchilly is a good choice as well.
I personally actually prefer Evening Haze, the name is not as cute, but I like the thicker formula, and larger brush. the bottle is also pretty to look at, and the lower price doesn't hurt either.

As I just mentioned, Essie totally wins for the name however, it is very cute, and every time I hear Chinchilly it reminds me of Chilla from Kameo... The video game?... Anyone else have this happen, or am I alone in this?...Either way, cute name!

Thanks for reading! Which polish do you prefer? Let me know in the comments.
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-xo Brittany

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