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It has been so long since I've done a beauty empties post that I can't even call it January/February 2015 Empties, as these things have been accumulating for way longer than a of couple months! I have been storing my empty products in a drawer to prevent me from throwing them out so I could do this post, and I really want to clear out the drawer, so I figured today would be the day to share what I have used up, and what I would repurchase.

Aqua Spa Body Cleanser.
My mother actually got this in the mail along with some other Aqua Spa products and was sweet enough to pass them on to me, you can find a full review of this cleanser and all the other products here. Since I have already reviewed this, I won't bore you with repeating my thoughts other than to say while the soft citrus scent was nice, I prefer more lather with my body wash, and I have yet to see this in stores anyway even if I wanted to repurchase it. So I have moved on to an amazing cranberry Method body wash that smells incredible.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel.
Another body wash that was also given to me, I believe. (My memory is fantastic!) It had a really lovely floral scent, and lathered nicely, but the scent was not so memorable that I just had to buy it again, and since I really don't go to The body Shop often, I didn't have an interest in repurchasing it. But the bottle is adorable though!

Tone Pink Peony's Rose Oil Body Wash.
Another body wash! I swear this is the last one. I like to be hygienic, what can I say.
I just love trying differently scented body washes, I think that is why I really don't buy the same scent twice, every one catches my eye. However, if I was ever apt to buy the same scent twice, it would be this one. It was very hydrating, and the scent was so lovely. Plus, Tone is only a couple dollars at CVS, so it is so inexpensive, and they always have tons of scents to choose from. This scent was my favorite of the ones I've tried however, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap, floral scented body wash.

Suave Moroccan Infusion & Almond + Shea Butter Conditioners.
I am a fan of Suave, they are super cheap, and while they are totally gimmicky, they do their job, and leave my hair soft and smelling nice.
I went through two bottles of conditioner during this empties post dry spell, and while I haven't repurchased these, I did just buy the Natural Infusion shampoo and am really liking that as well.
Just like with the Tone body wash, if you're like me, and hate paying a ton for body wash or hair products, I would recommend the Suave products.

Ulta DragonFruit Frappe 3-in-1.
This is a three in one product, but I just used it for my hair. I bought this at Ulta at the mousetrap that is the racks near the checkout counter. It gets me every time!
This product smelled Amazing, though very strong. I loved it, it was super rich and foamed a ton, making my hair feel very clean, and the scent lasted for a while after use. I absolutely plan on grabbing the full sized bottle next time I'm at Ulta.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment.
I use a hair mask every time I wash my hair. I apply it to my hair lengths and ends to try to lengthen the time in between trims, as I am growing out my hair, and every time I go to get a trim the stylists always cut off way more than I intend, so I try to limit the salon visits as much as I can by babying my hair as much as possible.
This product was pricier than most hair care items I buy, but I am a fan of Organix, and this mask was nice and heavy, and left my hair ridiculously soft. I get bored easily however, and like to try new things, so I switched to a newer Pantene mask that I am currently using and testing out.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Spray Conditioner.
And lastly, this is a brand I have actually never heard of, but I won this product for selling the most products and up-selling during my Cosmetology school days, and obviously, it took me a long time to finally finish it! You only need a couple sprays of this in your hair, that is why I was able to hold on to it for so long. This is a spray on conditioner, and it is wonderful. It had a really nice scent, and left my hair feeling soft and hydrated. I sadly have never seen it in stores, not even in Cosmoprof where all the professional products are. I don't know if this even is a professional product, but if it is, or isn't, I still can't find it. I would so repurchase it if I could.

Thanks for reading! To check out my last empties post click here.
-xo Brittany

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