Bundle Monster Plate Haul & First Impressions

Today I have a little Bundle Monster stamping plate haul to share with you!
I already made a little video on my Instagram account when this collection arrived in the mail, but I really wanted to show some higher quality pictures, so all the designs would be easier to see, as well as also share my first impressions of the plates.
 I know this collection is from 2013 and I am late to the party, per usual! But I really loved this set, and wanted to talk about it!

This plate collection is the CYO: Create Your Own Collection, which was a contest held by Bundle Monster where people submitted their own design ideas. There are over 150 designs on 26 plates. I bought this collection from Amazon for around $17.

There are so many collections from Bundle Monster that it was really hard to choose which to purchase, but this collection won me over because it is far more random than the other collections were. Most of the others were very "themed", whether it was a holiday, or just a certain category, like animals, patterns, etc. While this one was a mix of everything, so I felt like I would get a lot more bang for my buck, so to speak, and have much more freedom of use, and not be limited. Plus there is an octopus design in this set, and the octopus is one of my favorite sea creatures, besides sharks of course!

There are some totally wacky designs in this besides the octopus, including Tetris, caution tape, a winged fish, and the radioactive symbol -That makes me think of Resident Evil for some reason every time I look at it.-, to go along with more universal ones like stripes, hearts, flowers, and cute animals. So it has a really good mix of images that I think I can really make some interesting and quirky nail art with.

Now, enough babble, let's look at the plates!

Now, I did not own many Bundle Monster plates before these, and the ones I did have, most worked, but some didn't. The reviews on this, and other collections, show I'm not the only one that had this issue. Most of the reviews are very positive, but there are ones saying that some designs are etched too shallow, or arrived too scratched, to work properly, and that they have had to send them back for replacements, or return them outright. But this is really the minority of the reviews I saw, and when they did send them in for replacements the new ones did work most of the time, so these reviews did not scare me away from purchasing this set, obviously.
Even though I have had issues too, the same issues can be said of other stamping plate companies as well, not just Bundle Monster, and in my opinion from what I've seen when shopping around for plates, Bundle Monster has one of the best ranges of plates, and the most creative designs as well. So having a couple plates not work really does not sour me to the brand honestly.

My only complaints would be that:
1.) I did receive some plates with scratches, even with the blue protective film on them. But even though I haven't used all the plates yet, I did just recently use one that had some scratches, and it didn't effect the results at all, it really only effected the aesthetic appearance of the plate, so I can live with it, I'm just happy the plates work because they are really cute, and fun.

2.) Some of the images are just way to big for my nails. You can see that some of the patterns are quite big, and are too wide for my smaller nails. Which is a bit disappointing -I really liked the monocled mustache, but alas, it is too big.- Luckily, this is only the case with a few of the designs, most of them do work with my nails. However, if you have really small nails, you may have a hard time finding images in the collection that will fit.

Overall, while I haven't used all the plates yet, the ones I have used worked really well, and the images came out really crisp and transferred easily. If your looking for new some stamping plates to create some easy and fun designs, I would recommend this collection. Plus the price is not bad for 26 plates!

The Bundle Monster CYO Collection is on Amazon for around $17. It is from 2013, so I do not know if it can be found elsewhere.

Thanks for reading! What's your favorite design from this collection? Are you a fan of Bundle Monster plates? Let me know in the comments.
-xo Brittany

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