Sonia Kashuk Pink Innocencia Body Butter Review

I hope you're all having a nice, lazy Sunday! I have to work in a few hours, but until then, I thought I would sit here, still in my pajamas of course, and share my thoughts on the Sonia Kashuk Pink Innocencia Body Butter.

I found this body butter at my local Target while browsing their beauty section. This is my first ever Sonia Kashuk product, and as I have mentioned in my Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel review, I am usually not a fan of the "Boutique", totally paying for the pretty package, creams and lotions, as they often contain such a large quantity of alcohol that it does more harm than good to my skin. But, I can still be a sucker for a pretty container, and the scent got me as well. I still wasn't planning on buying it, as alcohol was sprinkled throughout the ingredient list, but I really needed a thicker body cream, so I threw caution to the wind and bought it. I was just so bored with my go-to brands, that it was worth the risk to try something new.

If, like me, you are unfamiliar with the Sonia Kashuk products, the body butter comes in a few different scents, all seem to be floral, though of course I can't remember any by name. I picked the Pink Innocencia as it contains tuberose, amber, and magnolia. I am a fan of magnolia, so this one caught my eye the most.

It has a nice, subtle scent, not overpowering at all. It is very feminine, obviously, given the floral notes, but luckily it doesn't read grandma's perfume. I am a fan of it, and it does linger on my skin for a bit while it absorbs.

As for the body butter itself, it is very thick, perfect if you have dry skin like I do, and your skin drinks up body creams like a sponge. The container claims it contains "...Shea butter, illipe butter, and skin protecting botanicals." and helps skin to lock in moisture.
I honestly just figured this would be a pretty scented cream to add on top of my trusted body creams, for a bit of extra moisture and scent, because I doubted it really could hack it on its own.
However, I have been using it for over a couple months now, if my memory is correct, and I am pleased and surprised! I have noticed my skin feels softer, especially my elbows and knees, which are always tough spots to hydrate. I thought for sure this product was just going to be a pretty face, but it does hydrate nicely, and I could totally see myself using this alone as well as with my other body creams.

Overall, if you like floral scents, and are looking for a nice body butter for dry skin, or just for the colder months when even normal skin is at its driest, I would say give it a try.

The Sonia Kashuk Pink Innocencia Body Butter retails for around $10. I do not know if other stores carry it as well, but you can find it at your local Target, or online. Though when I searched for it on Amazon, it seemed overpriced there, so I would suggest buying it at Target if you can.

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-xo Brittany

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