Polka Dot Nail Art with Revlon Leather Skinnies

Today's nail art is on the random side. I was eating breakfast, scrolling through my Pinterest feed, as you do, when I stumbled on a picture of an Octopus... No clue why there was an Octopus included in my feed over populated with shoes, nails, clothes, and food, but it was there, and I liked the colors and pattern, so now it has become nail art!

(I don't have a picture, sorry! I did not know the source of the photo, so did not feel comfortable posting it without being able to give credit.)

Honestly, the photo could have been photo shopped, but I know that an Octopus can change its skin texture and color to blend in to the environment or for protection against predators. I don't know why this octopus chose grey and blue polka dots to blend in, if it did, but I like it!

For my inspired nail art I started with a base of Revlon Leather Skinnies, a leather effect polish to play up the textured skin of an Octopus. Once my base was dry, I used a larger dotting tool and applied Sally Hansen Batbano Blue, then Sally Hansen Velveteen on top using a slightly smaller dotting tool.
Batbano Blue is on the shiny side, so to keep the matte finish for the whole look I applied two coats of Essie Matte About You to finish it off.

As you can tell from my Giraffe print design, I am a fan of animal inspired nail art, so it was fun to do another one, even if it was totally random and weird. I also will never pass up the chance to use Batbano Blue, which has to be one of my favorite electric blue polishes ever.

Thanks for reading!
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-xo Brittany

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