January 2015 Favorites

It is once again time to share my favorite products and things for the past month!

(Whose overly proud of themselves that they actually posted their favorites list for the month before the month actually ended? *Raises and violently waves hand quickly, Hermione Granger style.*)

Fashion: I actually have two fashion favorites this month. First is this awesome Pokemon hat I found on Amazon. Yes, I am 26, but I am a 26 year old who likes Pokemon, and this hat is adorable.

Then I found this screened t-shirt at my local book store which has Mr.Darcy's first proposal on it from one of my favorite books, Pride & Prejudice. While he does get totally burned and shot down, in my opinion rightly so, it is still a very sweet quote, even if they did cut out all the insults he says about her family and ancestry... I guess it wouldn't have been as romantic to put that on the t-shirt...

Nails: January's nail favorite is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail hardener. My poor nails would not stop cracking and breaking, and while this is not a new product, I haven't used it in some time. Finally sick of all the breakage when trying to grow out my nails, I decided to give it a try earlier this month, and it has worked wonders! Along with the Nails Inc. Nail Kale that I will have to review soon, I have noticed a vast improvement in the strength of my nails, and they have grown quite a bit.

Beauty: My beauty favorite this month is the Milani Illuminating Face Powder. I was at the Milani section to buy new bottles of black and white polishes, when this rose embossed highlighter caught my eye. It can actually be used as a cheek color or highlighter, and has a nice soft shimmer finish. I use it as a highlight on my cheek bones, forehead, nose, chin, etc, and I really like the glowy finish it gives my skin.

Lifestyle: I know I have already mentioned this candle in my last haul post, but I had to include it in the list as it is my favorite candle right now. I just recently bought it and it is almost half way gone! I love the soft floral scent, and regret not buying two.

Nerd: As always, I am incredibly late to the party, but I have finally played Minecraft, and I am hooked. Thanks to countless Youtube game play-throughs (I blame Cinnamon Toast Ken!) I decided to give it a try, and it is actually really fun. I hate to say it, I am usually a graphics snob when it comes to video games, and I thought the block graphics would take away from it, but it really has charm, and I can get lost in this game very easily.

Random: Technically this is really a fashion favorite, but since I already have two fashion favorites this month I'm throwing this one in Random so I can still talk about it!
I also talked about this ring already in my most recent haul post, but it is a cheeseburger ring! It is frankly sad how much I love it, but I really do.

Thanks for reading! To check out what made my favorites list for December 2014 click here.
-xo Brittany

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