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It's been a while since I've posted a haul. I have bought things here and there, but I haven't had the time or money to go on any sort of shopping spree. However, I went through my store of candles recently, and Bath & body Works was calling my name with their countless coupon emails! So, I gave myself a little treat and went to my wallets worst nightmare, the mall. (Add dramatic music here.) Of course I ended up going to many other stores, because I have no self control... But I really didn't spend very much, so I left the mall with very little guilt for once.

First off, the reason for the whole mall visit, candles!
Bath & Body Works was having a sale on their new summer scents, so the three wick candles were only $12 versus the usual $22, so I had to pick up a couple. I bought Rainforest Gardenia, which is one of my favorite candles I have bought in a while. It is one of the new scents, and smells amazing. Obviously very floral, but also light and beachy as well.
Another new scent I picked is Brazilian Blue Waters, a harder scent to explain, but it is also very light and beachy.
The last candle, I don't remember if it is also new, but it was a scent I could not pass up, Cinnamon Sugared Donut, is not surprisingly, a yummy, sweet, warm scent that makes me hungry. It is from BBW's mason jar-like candle collection, and was $12 as well.

As I have mentioned in my last BBW haul, I love the Wild Madagascar Vanilla scent, I just hate the $40 price tag for the full sized perfume. Last time (here) I bought the sample sized version for around $6 - $8, but this time I had hopes that given all the new summer scents coming out, they would finally drop the cost of Madagascar Vanilla and I could buy it. Not yet! It is still $40 (Grrr.) But I was able to find this fragrance mist for less than $10 to tie me over while I wait them out.

After Bath & Body Works, I stopped by a Claire's store to see if I could find a cheap purse. I've been bored with my current purse and have been looking for a new, frankly weird and quirky one, to replace it, to no luck. I also struck out at Claire's, but what I did find was this amazing and bizarre cheese burger ring! It is from some collection themed around food by Katy Perry. No clue why food, but I like it. I also have some rings and a favorite cat ear hat from her last collection, so no surprise that I am a fan of this one as well.
While I know I am quite out of the age demographic of this store, I don't care, I love cheap and quirky jewelry, and Claire's often supplies it. I mean, come on, it's a cheese burger!

The last store I visited before leaving the mall was Cotton On. This is only the second time I have shopped at this store, I never heard of it before moving to Florida, but it has become a favorite now.
It is a total hipster, 90's inspired store, brimming with plaid, meticulously torn jeans, tops screened with snarky phrases, and floppy Indiana Jones hats, that I really should hate, but I just love it.

I bought this super loose striped top. Because anything that feels like I'm wearing pajamas works for me. The fabric also flows really nicely, looks really cute, and it is long enough to wear with leggings.

I also snagged the scarf on sale for $3! Yes, I am well aware I live in Florida, one of the last places in the U.S you would really need one. But, mock me if you like, right now it does get a bit chilly here, and only a few days ago when it was a little less than 70 degrees outside, I witnessed not one, but two people walking around wearing snow hats! If they can wear a snow hat, I can wear a light cotton scarf. I love the color, it is a bright pink that also looks cute with the shirt.
(If you follow me on Instagram *cough, link on the right, cough* I have already posted an Outfit of the Day wearing it. Shameless self promotion? check!)

Thanks for reading! To check out other hauls I have posted click here.
-xo Brittany

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