Zoya Ginni Swatches & Review

2014 is almost over! Yes, this statement is a total cliche, as well as the one I am about to write: It went by so quick! But it is true, and I am fine with it. 2014 was a tough year for myself and my family, so here's hoping 2015 is an improvement.

OK, in a less gloomy note, my apologies, today I have a cute Zoya polish to share called Ginni, that I am sad to say I forgot about completely after I purchased it. I just recently rediscovered it when reorganizing my collection. (Nail blogger problems!) This shade is a gorgeous glitter explosion that I am happy to finally share swatches of.

Zoya Ginni is from Zoya's recent version of the PixiDust line, which has the same mix of texture and glitter, but the glitter flecks are much chunkier and bolder.
This pretty shade is a lovely, dusty rose pink, with large, holographic, rainbow glitter pieces.

Given just how large the glitter is, I was expecting clumping, and just difficulty during application, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the larger flecks applied very smoothly, and I had minimal to no clumping.
The base color is thinner than other Zoya PixiDust shades I have, but I still only needed an extra coat or two to reach opacity. The extra coats did not ruin the overall effect for me, or make the overall look too heavy handed, which can happen with some polishes, so it didn't bother me really.

I am also a big fan of the gritty texture mixed with the bold sparkly glitter, I have always been a fan of this texture since it was first created, and while I know not everyone shares my opinion, it is just so pretty! This manicure was one of those where the second it hit sunlight I could not stop staring at it.

My swatches are four thin coats with no top coat to preserve the textured finish.

Of course the day I swatched this polish it was overcast, so I could not get a photo in sunlight to show off just what a glitter bomb this polish is, but you get some of the effect in my lamp photos, though even those I don't think do it justice. I was able to get the nice natural light shot above, which you can see the true dusty rose color, as my lamp photos for some reason leaned much more magenta.

Overall, if you are a regular reader of my little blog, than you know my love for textured polishes, and for PixiDust polishes, so it is no surprise I love this polish, and it's a shame this poor shade sat ignored for so long! Sorry Ginni!
Not only is the color beautiful, but like always, Zoya does not disappoint with the formula either. While I know this shade is not ground breaking or anything, I am a fan, obviously, since I've been babbling praise this whole post. Maybe I still have some left over Holiday cheer my pessimistic, sarcastic mind hasn't crushed to oblivion yet... :p

Zoya PixiDust polishes retail for about $8-$9, and can be found online, or at your local beauty supply like Ulta, or on Zoya's website.

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-xo Brittany

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