Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Nail Color Swatches & Review

I recently heard that Sally Hansen's Sugar Shimmer line of polishes may be discontinued! So I figured it was about time I swatch some colors before they are gone for good. Though, luckily with online shopping, even if these polishes are not made anymore, there are sure to still be some online for a while.

The Sugar Shimmers are being replaced by a new line of glossy, matte, and "lace" textures, that not surprisingly I have already bought... So keep a look out for some swatches soon.

Today I have three colors to share from the line; Sugar Plum, Mint Tint, and Cinny Sweet.

The Sugar Shimmers are an evolution of Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat line (Which you can find some very old swatches of here, but be warned, my picture game was not very good!).
I find them similar to Zoya's PixiDust collections in idea, with the mix of texture and glitter, only the Sally Hansen version has a much more fine texture to it, and has more of a shimmer, while Zoya has larger glitter flecks. I think of them as a more subdued take on the texture/glitter trend. Plus they are less expensive at around $4. So if you like the textured trend, but want something a bit more subtle, and want to save $5 vs Zoya's $9, it's a good option while it's here.

I personally like this line, so I was disappointed to hear it may be discontinued. I like the adorable bottles, and the sugar granule texture is a cute idea. Like most Sally Hansen lines, the formulas are very good, and every color I've tried has reached opacity very easily.

Mint Tint.

Mint Tint. A pastel mint base with gold shimmer. As I have stated on this blog many times, I am a total sucker for mint polishes, so this one was an easy sell. I really like the gold shimmer against the mint as well.
Like most textured polishes, these apply smooth and glossy, then slowly turn gritty as the polish dries.
I reached full coverage after three thin coats.

Sugar Plum.

Sugar Plum has a very fitting name. A very girly bubble gum pink base with golden shimmer, the shimmer is much bolder and easier to see than in Mint Tint, which I like. Also this polish seemed to dry to a much grittier finish than Mint Tint, which is a bit weird, especially since I used three thin coats as well when swatching.

Cinny Sweet.

Cinny Sweet. I think this shade would be great for the holidays, it is a pretty berry red base with violet and gold shimmer. Sadly it reads way more purple in my photos, but it is much more red toned in person. This polish has a really nice formula, I reached opacity in two thin coats. My only complaint is given the strong color, it does stain nails and skin -As you can see in my swatches, even after using acetone and a clean up brush I still couldn't get rid of all the staining around my nails.- so I would recommend a base coat and a steady hand if you don't want to deal with the clean up.

For all my swatches I skipped the top coat to preserve the textured finish.

Overall, while this is not my favorite textured polish line ever -That would have to go to the PixiDusts!- I really like these polishes, and may have to stock up on a few more shades before they're gone. There is a gorgeous blue with the pun-tastic moniker Work of Tart that is calling my name!

The Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmers retail for around $4 each, and you may still be able to find them in your local drugstore, but you can find a bunch of shades online as well.

Thanks for reading! To check out more swatch and reviews click here, or if you're looking for a review of a specific polish or product, feel free to browse my Product Directory.
- xo Brittany

Are you a fan of Sugar Shimmers? Which shade is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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