November Favorites 2014

I always mean to post my favorites lists on time, but it never seems to work out. So while this is about a week late, here are my favorite things for the month of November! As I say way too often, better late than never!

You may notice this list is even more random than usual, and contains basically no beauty items, which doesn't happen often, but November was light on the favorite products for me, but now that my favorite companies are releasing new things for the Holiday season, I have a feeling December will have more beauty products to share.

Zoya Matte Velvet Loredana. I did of course by some new nail polishes in November, and one stand out was this gorgeous slate grey shade from Zoya's Matte Velvet collection. -I also picked up Vega from the PixiDust collection, which has been on my wish list forever.- I love a good grey polish, so this is for sure one of my favorite purchases this past month.

Pop figures & Pokemon! My love of Funko Pop figures has always been apparent in my favorites lists, so it is no surprise I bought more in November. I picked up the Disney Bambi set, as well as Smaug! My absolute favorite character from the Hobbit series. I actually had to pre-order him, and one in every twelve will have the yellow eyes versus the regular black eyes, and I was lucky enough to snag a yellow eyed one! Way too excited over it, but it is just so awesome looking.

Also this month I have started totally nerding out over these Japanese Pokemon figures I stumbled on while shopping Amazon for a Pikachu phone case. I found the case, and way too many of these! They are so detailed, and yes, while I am a 25 year old woman, I love Pokemon and don't care.
I've already bought a few which I posted to Instagram, but I also just added Mewtwo and Charizard to the collection.
As you can see below, they have a nice home on my desk.

Cat Hat. A little weird, very cute, and total cat lady-ish fashion purchase in November was this cat ear hat. I found it at a Claire's store, and it is part of a collection from Katy Perry, another cat lady-ish person. I love the little ears, they add a cute touch to a regular black hat, and I probably wear it way to much, but I just love it.

Amigurumi! A none-shopping related favorite this past month, I've been teaching myself amigurumi crochet. Which is a Japanese style of crocheting small animals and little anthropomorphic creatures, food, and objects. I just started so I obviously still need a lot of practice, but in November I made my first amigurumi orange! It's a bit lumpy, but for a first go I am very pleased it is even recognizable as an orange.
It took many, many tries, which seems silly since it is just a ball with eyes, but I swear it is tricky at first. But it is also very relaxing, and I do get teased by loved ones for sitting on the couch now, drinking hot cocoa and crocheting. If I didn't already have title of grandma before, I sure do now...

Thanks for reading! To check out my favorite things for the month of October click here.
-xo Brittany

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