Ciate Dolls House Collection Skittle Manicure

Today I have another skittle manicure to share with you using all the shades from the Ciate Dolls House Collection; An adorably girly set of five polishes in pastel tones topped with a powdery finish. The box states that the powder texture was inspired by "...Crisp, clean and directional dolly-inspired looks." I find the powder finish does remind me of porcelain dolls, so I can see the inspiration.

I know this set is older, but as this is my first ever Ciate polish purchase, I figured I would share my thoughts on it, in case, like me, there are some people who have never tried Ciate either. (Hopefully I am not the only one who is late to the party!)

I've seen that Ciate loves to have differently themed stylized cardboard boxes for each collection they release, and Dolls House is no exception. This set is housed in an adorable cardboard doll house that has a door flap to reveal the polishes within. Very cute.

On my thumb is Paper Doll. A snowy white creme, that like most white polishes, is on the thin side, so extra coats are needed for full coverage. I applied four thin coats.

Index finger: Doll Face. One of my favorites, a pretty, milky taupe that like O.P.I You're So Vain-illa, reminds this former New Englander of coffee milk.
Formula-wise, it is a tad streaky, but I reached nice opacity after four thin coats.

Middle Finger: Sweet Pea. A cutesy mint with a cutesy name. I love a good mint, and the powdered texture of this shade just adds even more interest to the beautiful pastel mint color. This polish, as well as the next two, are more pigmented than Paper Doll and Doll Face, so application was easier. Though all of them are thin, which is no surprise with pastels. I applied three thin coats of Sweet Pea.

Ring Finger: Baby Doll. A pretty coral pink that I was surprised I liked so much. It reads much more coral in person, and I really love the dusty look the powder finish gives it.
This polish was one of the best in terms of formula, I used three thin, easy coats.

Pinkie finger: Poppet. And finally, a pale lavender creme with the best formula of the bunch given its stronger tone. I reached opacity in three thin coats.

For this skittle mani I skipped my top coat to preserve the powder finish.

Overall, I really like this collection. I love the powder finish the polishes have, and I am always a sucker for a good pastel. My only grievance is a similar one to my recent review of Nails Inc. Portobello Road, which is that the formula is not the greatest, causing way too much chipping too soon, that could be helped with a top coat, but in turn a top coat would gloss over the powdered textured finish, which is the whole reason I bought it... Luckily the formulas for these polishes were way better than Portobello Road. They may be thin, but they self level nicely, and apply evenly. They just don't have a very long wear time, (They lasted I think two - three days before the chips got really noticeable.) but if you're like me and change your polish frequently, you don't wear one polish for that long anyway.

The Ciate Dolls House Collection retails for around $15-$20 and can be found online. It is older so I haven't seen it in my local beauty supply stores, but Amazon has a few still available as I am writing this.

Thanks for reading! To check out other skittle manicures I've done click here. Or to check out more nail polish reviews and swatches click here.
-xo Brittany

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