Cheshire Cat Nail Art

I recently took a trip to my local mall, and stopped by the Disney store to look for some ornaments for my Christmas tree -Yes, my love of Disney is that strong :p - when I discovered an adorable Cheshire Cat coffee mug. It is also, awesomely, from the classic Disney Alice in Wonderland. No offense to the newer movie, Johnny Depp is awesome, and the movie itself is pretty quirky and interesting, but the animated version will always be my favorite. And the Cheshire Cat is my favorite character. -Though, those cute little hedgehogs in the croquet scene cannot be forgotten!-

Anyway, this adorable mug inspired me to make some nail art, like most things do these days!

For my inspired nail art I decided to keep the look a bit simple and abstract, so I focused on the shades of purple, and of course the Cat's signature stripes.
For the base of most of my nails I used ColorClub Shabby Drab, then free handed some french tips using a small flat nail art brush and O.P.I Get Cherried Away.

For the Cheshire Cat stripes, I applied a base of O.P.I I Theodora You, and used a thin striping brush and Get Cherried Away to freehand the stripes. I tried to alter the sizes and warp them a bit, though I wish they came out a little thinner and more curved. But they get the job done!

As for the glitter accent nail, it is actually O.P.I Mad as a Hatter, from a very old collection inspired by the live action film. It seemed only fitting for this design, so I applied three coats over Get Cherried Away for some added sparkle.

Once everything was dry, I applied one coat of my Out the Door fast drying top coat.

I think the french tips would look better if my nails were longer, but they have been breaking up a storm lately! Besides that, and the dreaded streaking on my Cheshire stripes (Grr.), it was fun to make, and I loved wearing it.

Thanks for reading! To check out more nail art click here.
-xo Brittany

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