Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Fragrance and Body Cream Review

Five days until Christmas!
I have really been slacking on the holiday content, I love the holidays, but I am not great at showing it :p. To catch up I have a review of a recent Christmas inspired fragrance and body cream release from Bath & Body Works.
I love when Bath & Body Works releases their themed scents and beauty products, so it was hard to pick just one, but Vanilla Bean Noel sounded so lovely that I had to choose it. I also had a coupon that made a fragrance mist free so I knew one of the scents was coming home!

First off, must say I love the packaging. The green and gold is really pretty, and who doesn't like some gold glitter! Each set had a different color palette, which made me want to buy each one, but I was somehow able to resist.

Bath & Body Works also released many other products in this scent, including a scrub, shimmer lotion and fragrance spray, Wallflowers, body wash, bubble bath, hand wash etc. Which luckily none of these products were out yet when I was there, otherwise this review would have been a lot longer.

The key notes of Vanilla Bean Noel are:
Fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream, and snow-kissed musk.

Normally when you get a free product with a purchase of another product you end up getting this tiny sample that lasts barely a week, so I was pleased to find I was able to get a full sized 8 fl oz bottle, which is pretty big! This fragrance is going to last me way farther than the holiday season for sure.

I was surprised by how much I love this scent, I usually gravitate towards more fruity or floral scents, but this is a nice, warm, sugary vanilla, that really does smell just like fresh baked sugar cookies. It is very sweet however, so if sweet scents are not your thing, this fragrance may not be for you. Bath & Body Works has other holiday scents that lean more towards cinnamon and spice, and even peppermint, so those may be better, but for people like me who love a sweet scent, this fragrance is lovely.

The bottle doesn't lie, it is a very fine mist when sprayed, and a little goes a long way given the strong sweet scent. Spray too much and you might wind up smelling like you were in some terrible Willy Wonka type accident and you are now a giant sugar cookie.

I plan on wearing this fragrance even after the Christmas season is over, because why not! It is very warm, but I think the scent of vanilla can work for any season.

I made a rule a long time ago not to buy boutique, novelty body creams, as they are always so full of alcohol that the product drys my skin far more than it moisturizes. But I checked the ingredients, and while there is alcohol in it, it is down towards the middle of the list, so there is not as much as other products (A quick tip if you didn't know, the higher an ingredient is on the ingredient list, the more of it there is in said product.). So while I would not suggest using this cream as a daily moisturizer, it works well as a quick hand cream to sooth dryness, and give you a nice fragrance boost.

Formula wise, it is a nice, thick cream, that can be a tad greasy, but absorbs pretty quickly. The vanilla scent is not as strong as in the fragrance mist, but it is there, and you can still catch the scent even after the cream absorbs into the skin.

Overall, while yes, it is gimmicky, the scent smells great, and the bottles look nice on my vanity.
If your looking for a cute fragrance set to get a family member or friend as a last minute gift, or just want a cute Christmas-y scent to get in the holiday spirit, I would recommend it.

Bath & Body Works sells the fragrance mist for $14.00 normal price, and the cream sells for $12.50 normal price. But most likely they will be having some sales before and after Christmas where you can save a few bucks on them.

Thanks for reading!
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-xo Brittany

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