Wintry Bath & Body Works Haul

while it still frankly feels like August here in Florida, -It is a "chilly" 83 degrees currently.- Bath & Body Works has released all of their wintry, and Christmas themed, fragrance scents and candles. So I took a browse through my local store, and today I thought I would share with you what I bought!

I love Bath & Body Work's three wick candles. While they are usually $22 a piece, which is a bit pricey, they last for so long that I really don't mind the cost. I prefer to buy them when they have their 2 For $22 sale, but sadly it ended the day before I went! Not wanting to miss a Winter scent before it was gone, I picked up Marshmallow Fireside, which smells amazing.
While I do like the Balsam or Christmas scents, they can get a bit overpowering, and this one had just the right amount of sweetness and smokiness to it.

I also love the mini candles. They usually only run for around $3, and they are a great way to try out many scents without breaking the bank. I bought a brand new scent called Champagne Toast, which has a nice, mild, almost fruit scent to it. It also comes in a brand new jar with adorable gold ribbon details. I also couldn't pass up getting the sparkly snowflake mini candle holder as well for only $4.

I've recently become a big fan of Bath & Body Work's room sprays, and they recently released a wintry line of scents along with the candles. I bought Vanilla Snowflake, which is stronger than I would like, so I don't use it as often as my Japanese Cherry Blossom spray, but it is nice, and reminds me of Christmas. Plus the canister is adorable.
Wild Madagascar Vanilla is a new perfume/body spray/lotion etc line that has been taunting me in email ads for weeks now. I had planned on buying the full sized perfume, but the $40 price tag was a hurdle that I was not willing to jump. So I bought the travel sized bottle for only a few dollars, and I plan on keeping an eye on the full sized and waiting for it to drop in price as new fragrances are released. It is lovely by the way, it has a very warm vanilla scent that doesn't come off too sweet. The travel bottle is also really cute, and it actually comes with a spray nozzle, and not one of those annoying application sticks.

And lastly, this beauty was calling my name the second I walked into the store, but the $20 price tag felt too much for just a makeup bag, so I walked away. But then there was a line at the check out counter, and of course there was another one on a shelf right next to it! Let's be honest, I really just wanted the adorable bag, but once I saw that it came with some cute mini products inside, I was able to talk myself into the purchase, and this glitter bomb came home.

My mother was also to blame for the purchase, when she saw it she said "You should get it! That's totally you!" She is a shopping instigator for me, as I am for her.
Inside the adorable bag was the line of Warm Sugar Vanilla products. A shower gel, lotion, body spray, and hand sanitizer. The scent is lovely, and the bottles are pretty large, so I don't feel too guilty with the purchase. Plus the bag now holds all of my go-to beauty products I carry with me, and matches my gold Kate Spade purse.
Is it weird that I think it would make a cute clutch as well? :p

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-xo Brittany

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