Nails Inc. Portobello Road and Westbourne Gardens Swatches & Review

Today I have two Nails Inc. polishes from two of their Effects lines to share with you!
These are actually my first Nails Inc. polishes ever. but I had heard of them before this, and thought the bottles, names, and themes, where just adorable. And they also had a really nice range of colors and textures available, so I decided to give them a try during an Ulta shopping trip.

It was very hard to choose just two, but my hands were already full of O.P.I and Too Faced purchases, and I was trying to not murder my wallet that day. So I chose a pretty pink glitter from their Special Effects Garden party line called Westbourne Gardens, and a pale pink shade from their Latex Effects line titled Portobello Road.

Let's see some swatches, shall we?

Nails inc. Portobello Road.

Portobello Road is a pale bubblegum pink polish with a matte, velvety finish.
This is honestly not my favorite shade. As you can tell by the swatches, it is not very forgiving to any imperfections on my nails, and it chips very quickly at the free-edges. These pictures were taken only a couple hours after swatching!
It has problems with self leveling, and no matter how careful you are in application, you still get lumps, bumps, and brush stroke marks. This is not helped by the fact that the polish formula is incredibly thick and hard to work with.
Because of the matte finish I really didn't want to apply a top coat, which meant that it really has no staying power. I literally had an entire nail of polish fall off not even a day after application.

I did apply a top coat as a test later to see if that would help the chipping and peeling, and it does to some degree, but you lose that matte finish, which is the whole reason I bought the polish.

For a good note, I love the shade of pink, it is very pretty, and looks great in this matte finish. I just wish the formula was as lovely as the color.

My swatches shown are three coats, sans top coat.

Nails Inc. Westbourne Gardens.

Westbourne Gardens was a vast improvement to Portobello Road! It is an adorable, dense glitter shade with a clear base, full of micro and hex glitters in white, bubblegum pink, and mirrored silver.
The formula is much easier to work with, and not as thick. The larger hex glitter pieces can clump a bit, as with most glitter shades, so dabbing with the brush is a good application method to really space everything out and prevent bare spots.
I love the micro glitters, they create a really cool finish on the nail, and the silver pieces look really bright and pretty in sunlight, especially because all the other glitter is matte, so it's a nice touch, and adds some sparkle.
Given the clear base, reaching opacity on its own would prove challenging, so I would stick with a base color underneath. For my swatches I applied three coats over Portobello Road, then one coat of my Out the Door top coat.

Overall, while I am not too big of a fan of Portobello road, I like the idea of it, and the color choice is pretty. Westbourne Gardens was a win, I love the glitter combo, it is cute and girly, but has some interest with the mix of matte colored glitter and mirrored silver flecks. I also love the little teapot decal on the bottle, it's adorable.

Nails Inc. polishes range in price from $6-$11 dollars depending on where you shop, and can be found online, or at your local beauty supply.

Thanks for reading! To check out more swatches and reviews click here. Or if you're looking for a review of a specific polish or product feel free to browse my Product Directory.
-xo Brittany

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