Kohl's Haul

Today I have a quick Kohl's haul to share with you before work.
I've always liked Kohl's. Even though I do think some things are a tad over priced, they always have cute collections every season, and they have the fashion line by Lauren Conrad, which is my absolute favorite collection they sell.
However, my new Kohl's leaves much to be desired, so I don't go there as often as I could, considering it is like, 10 minutes away from me. The place is a hot mess! The clothing sections are scattered about, and the best section, the Lauren Conrad section, consists of two little racks, then twelve racks of mismatched clearance items from every other section. It's not like finding a needle in a haystack, it's like finding a specific piece of hay in a haystack...
I do miss my old Kohl's a bit, it was farther away, but much more organized. But, if I am looking to kill a couple hours wandering about, this one is an okay option. Plus, if your patient, you can snag a good deal now and again. (I recently snagged a faux fur throw blanket for $26 that was an almost perfect dupe for one I found at another store for $60!)

Anyway! Let's talk clothes.

First up I bought this cute tee from the Elle collection. I loved the little perfume bottles and bow detailing. I also bought it to go with:

These pants! It may seem like a weird pairing, but they look really cute together.
I bought these pants because, 1. They feel like pajamas, and 2. They feel like pajamas! :p

This blouse is also from the Elle collection. I liked the ruffled front and thin stripes. It's a bit bigger than I wanted, but it is really soft and cute, and looks great with some dark wash skinny jeans.

I did manage to find something from the Lauren Conrad collection while I was there. I picked up this cute pair of leggings with a subtle polka dot pattern. They have a very thick material, so they actually feel more like a pair of pants than they do leggings, and they actually fit! Most leggings are on the long side on me given my short stature, but the hem stops right at my ankles, so they do have a cute, Audrey Hepburn skinny pants vibe.

And lastly, my favorite purchase from the whole little shopping trip, this adorable 90's inspired shirt dress! Not only do I love the daisy pattern, it is so light and comfy. I wore it on my recent trip to Universal studios and I was very comfortable.
It is a little piece of nostalgia, I feel like I could pair this with some combat boots and fall back into the 90's, or pair it with some cute flats or oxfords for a more modern take.

Thanks for reading! To check out more fashion hauls click here.
-xo Brittany

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