China Glaze Loco-Motive Collection Swatches & Review Part.1

I actually had never heard of this collection until I was shopping around Ulta during one of their wallet killing sales, and when I saw it I couldn't pass up this train themed, pun filled, beauty! It also seemed like a fitting collection to own, since I do work for a train line.

There are actually two collections with this train travel theme. Mine, Loco-Motive, as well as All Aboard. Each collection comes with 6 shades, 12 in all, all appearing to be very rich, deep, jewel toned cremes, with a couple shimmers and glitters mixed in. Loco-Motive was the brighter of the two, and it's color palette caught my eye the most. Though All Aboard does appear to have a gorgeous violet shade that I may have to purchase down the line. The other five shades look pretty similar to the set I bought, just darker, so if you are not as addicted to nail polish as I am, and didn't want to purchase both collections, you could easily buy one and not feel like your missing out on something in the other set.

I broke this review into two parts, today I will show you the first four shades, and I will have the final two shades up next week!

Well Trained, Stop That Train!, Mind the Gap, & Loco-Motive.
Stop That Train!

Stop That Train! is a shimmery metallic coral with flecks of gold, that reads red in certain lighting and in my pictures. It is a bit on the thin side, but builds up very nicely. The gold flecks look beautiful in direct lighting, and the coral tone of this polish in person is very interesting, I have nothing like it in my collection.
My swatches are four thin coats, followed by my Out the Door top coat.


Loco-Motive is the sparkle of this collection. A clear base full of shimmery black and silver micro glitter, mixed with metallic copper hex glitter. It is a very unique mix that really catches my eye, and I love how the black glitter can read a deep purple in some lighting, then black/dark grey in others.
Because of the clear base, reaching full opacity on its own would prove challenging, I would suggest starting with a base color underneath. (I used Stop That Train!.) The glitter however is very pliable, and doesn't clump together at all. I was able to apply two thin coats very smoothly.
I topped it off with one coat of top coat.

Mind the Gap.

Mind the Gap is absolutely one of my favorites from this collection!
It is a green tinted champagne color, full of metallic shimmer in tones of green, gold, and even a hint of copper in the right light.
Like Stop That Train! it is on the sheer side, but I reached nice opacity after four thin coats. -Followed by one coat of top coat.-
At first glance I didn't think this polish was going to be a winner, I thought it was going to look dingy and unflattering with my skin tone, but I was pleasantly surprised! Like all the polishes in this collection, it is very elegant and subtle, while at the same time it still has some extra interest with the pretty metallic shimmer.

Well Trained.

Well Trained is actually a dusty deep teal/blue creme that reads ridiculously blue in my photos! But take my word for it, there is teal in there somewhere, my camera just didn't want to share it.
This is another favorite of mine, I am a sucker for any shade of teal or blue, and this polish also has a rich, glossy formula, that covers amazingly in two thin coats. Like most blue polishes it does stain nails and skin, so I would suggest careful application and a good base coat before applying.
My swatches are topped with one coat of top coat.

Overall, while out of these four Well Trained and Mind the Gap are my favorites, each polish is very pretty and elegant on its own or paired with each other. The formulas were also great, and while a couple were thin, it was not even an issue during application. I've never really had a disappointing polish from China Glaze and I still haven't with these.

Both the Loco-Motive Collection and the All Aboard Collection retail for $30 each. Ulta sells them as an Online Only purchase, so I am not sure if they are sold in store at other beauty supply stores. Amazon also carries both collections for around the same price.

Thanks for reading! To check out more swatches and reviews click here. Or to find a review of a specific polish or product, you can find my product Directory here.
-xo Brittany

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