Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection Review

As you may have known if you read my last Ulta haul, I bought my first ever Too Faced eyeshadow palette! Specifically the adorable Chocolate Bar palette. And while the sticker shock was intense, - I have never spent so much on just one makeup product before - I really love this palette, and wanted to share my review and swatches of it today!

Like the Too Faced brow kit I bought the same day, this palette comes in a really pretty, decorated cardboard box that holds a very sturdy tin case with magnetic closure.
And, of course, we cannot ignore that the tin is shaped like a chocolate bar! Because the cuteness knows no bounds apparently!
Inside you will find a pretty good sized mirror (In which you can see my new favorite Pikachu phone case!), a small guide with different sample eye looks, and 16 eyeshadow pans. There are no brushes or shadow sponges included, which I prefer. I usually end up ignoring them anyway in favor of my favorite shadow brushes. Also it leaves room for more shadows, which are the reason I bought the palette in the first place.

I love the little touches Too Faced adds to their product packaging. All the shadows are named after candy, and on the back of the box is an adorable key similar to the ones on the back of chocolate boxes.
Luckily, like the Brow Envy kit, this collection isn't all looks and no substance. There is a good mix of shimmer, matte, and a little bit of glitter, and the shadows are for the most part, soft, creamy, and easy to apply.

Semi-sweet: A matte, milk chocolate brown that has a nice, soft, powdery consistency that can look chalky if applied too liberally.
Marzipan: One of my favorites! A lovely rose gold shimmer that looks great even on its own as a quick swipe of color on the lids.
Salted Caramel: A quite literal name. This is a matte caramel shade that would look great mixed with Marzipan. Like Semi-sweet it can look chalky if applied too heavily.
Triple Fudge: A very dark, matte, chocolate brown that makes a great crease shade in a chocolate toned smokey eye.
Black Forest Truffle: Another favorite in name and shade! A warm violet toned brown packed full of shimmer.
Milk Chocolate: A light brown that reminds me of the color of a latte. It has a slight gloss to it once applied that I like.
White Chocolate: One of the two largest pans, most likely because it makes a great highlight. This is a very light taupe that is soft, but also a bit messy.
Gilded Ganache: A warm, dark brown base, similar to Triple Fudge, full of gold glitter. I didn't think I would like this shade given the amount of bold gold glitter, but I actually do!

Strawberry Bon Bon: A matte bubblegum pink. It looks like it could be chalky in the pan, but it applies soft and creamy. Though it does fall into lines and creases easily.
Candied Violet: God I love this shade so much! A deep purple base full of bright violet shimmer that taunts me every time I open this palette, as I am allergic to purple toned eye shadows! A weird allergy I know, but every time a purple eyeshadow, or even a purple toned eyeliner, touch my eyelids they very quickly begin to turn red, watery, and swollen. Not a good look...
Amaretto: A gold toned brown. It has a lovely golden metallic finish to it that becomes more noticeable on the skin.
Hazelnut: Amaretto's warmer toned sister. There are so many browns in the palette that you would think you would get a bit bored, but they all have such different tones and textures that it doesn't feel monotonous.
Creme Brulee: A bright, shimmery metallic gold. Another favorite of mine, it is just so lovely to look at.
Haute Chocolate: A shimmery, metallic brown very similar to Hazelnut, but with a bolder finish.
Cherry Cordial: A beautiful maroon shimmer that I am hesitant to try sadly since it does lean more towards purple than brown.
Champagne Truffle: The second largest pan. A very shimmery rosy pink that makes a lovely highlight shade as well as light lid color for a simple eye look.

All in all, Not only is this palette very cute and playful in its design and theme, but the shadows themselves are well made, and have a nice variation of textures and colors. Though it is heavy on the brown tones (Obviously, it is called chocolate bar for a reason! :p) it doesn't feel dull at all. Plus, and I believe I completely forgot to mention it this whole post, it even smells like chocolate! Yes, I am that big of a girl cliche, even just the scent of chocolate makes me happy.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection can be found online, or wherever Too Faced products are sold. I bought mine at Ulta. It retails for $49.00

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-xo Brittany

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